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  1. Bridgeman

    Anyone know a collision map plugin that works with smaller resolutions?

    I'm running 320x240 and was using QM+CollisionMap, which I really like, but unfortunately doesn't seem to work with smaller resolutions. Anyone know a plugin that does?
  2. Bridgeman

    QMovement collision map moves with player

    So... I'm using 16x16 tiles in my game... I'm using QMovement for pixel movement, and QCollisionmap for collisions. The width of my map is 10 tiles in MV, which translates to 480 pixels, which is the width of my map in Photoshop, as well as my collision map. However, the collision map should...
  3. Bridgeman

    Does anyone know a good tool for making parallax maps?

    So I wanna use parallax maps in my game, which means I have a plugin that reads pictures for the maps. Anyway, as for actually making the maps... I want to use standard tile sets, but since I'm using parallax maps and pixel based movement, I don't want them to be on a "grid". So basically I'm...
  4. Bridgeman

    Yanfly core plugin

    I'm using the Yanfly core plugin to change the resolution of my game to 320x240, but now the menu looks all messed up. How do I resize and reposition it so that it works with the smaller resolution?
  5. Bridgeman

    Parallax mapping: Overlay areas

    So I'm using the QMovement and CollisionMap plugins to have pixel movement in my game, and in order to make that work I want to use parallax maps. But how do you specify areas where the player can go "behind" the scenery? Such as the top part of a tree, or a doorway, etc?
  6. Bridgeman

    Question about Yanfly's message core

    How do you change the height of the message box? I googled this and pretty much every result says "use Yanfly's message core", but nobody explains how to actually change the height of the message box using it. I don't see an option for it anywhere.
  7. Bridgeman

    For some reason I can't see the cutoff markers when making a textbox

    Isn't it supposed to have these? To show where it cuts off if you're using a portrait? I remember having them, but after reinstalling on a clean PC I can't see them. Without them I'd have to guesstimate and check every single textbox, that seems needlessly tedious. Anyone know a fix? Edit...
  8. Bridgeman

    Does the japanese version of RPG Maker 2000/2003 have more BGMs?

    Don Miguel's unlicensed translation of RPG Maker 2000 had 111 BGMs in the RTP, the official english release has 97. Did Don Miguel add some more BGMs of his own, or did the original japanese version just have more? And in case of the latter, why did we get balled out of 14 BGMs?
  9. Bridgeman

    What's the deal with these charsets / facesets / chipsets?

    So people who used the pirated translated version of RPG Maker 2000 back in the day may remember that the standard RTP actually included a little bit more than the RTP that comes with the official english version. There was Chubby1 and Chubby2, which looked like they were ripped from a SNES...
  10. Bridgeman

    Any chance for Rm2k heroes pack 2?

    Bought the Rm2k heroes DLC from Steam only to realize it's quite useless without having the complete set. There's only half of the heroes, no NPC's, no monsters. Any chance these might be made someday? I tried myself but I'm a bit rusty in the graphics department unfortunately
  11. Bridgeman

    How do you come up with your story?

    The hardest part of every RPG Maker game I've ever attempted to make has always been the story. When I first started using RPG Maker over a decade ago, I used to start a new project, make things up as I went along, and eventually quit and start over because I didn't know where to go with it...
  12. Bridgeman

    Anyone know if this RPG Maker 2003 game was ever finished? It's called Legend of the Philosopher's stone from I guess ten years back or so. The guy who created it got pretty far but I was never able to find a full version anywhere. Anyone know if he managed to finish it?
  13. Bridgeman

    If I buy an RPG Maker on this website...

    ...Do I still need to deal with Steam? Or can I install and run it completely independently from Steam?
  14. Bridgeman

    Is there a way to "pause" the game without Auto Start?

    So I'm trying to make a custom menu using pictures only, but the first problem with that is to pause the game while the menu is open. The most elementary way to do that is to use Auto Start, but it results in choppy picture movement and "lag". Another way is to make a Move Event command, put a...
  15. Bridgeman

    Does anyone know why this event isn't working?

    So I have this window that you can open and close. At first I had a switch for the closed and open state, but I'm trying to come up with creative ways to do things different so I don't have to waste a lot of switches on minor things. Here's what I have now. The closed window sprite is on the...
  16. Bridgeman

    Anyone got creative ideas for making a dude sit down?

    So I'm trying to fill my game up with lots of little cosmetic interactions... Like sitting down on a chair when you touch one. Made a sprite of a guy sitting down on a chair. Tricky part is making it functional. See, making the hero sit down is easy enough. Made a chair event, set it to touch...
  17. Bridgeman

    So is there a way to not set a transparent color?

    So in RPG Maker 2003, you have to set a transparent color any time you import graphical resources. This is fine for most types of resources, except for one: Facesets. The default facesets that come with RPG Maker 2003 consist of four rows of four faces, with no empty space. None of the faces...
  18. Bridgeman

    Almost none of the keys are working

    So I just installed Rm2k3 from Steam and ran the progrem, tried a playtest. I get stuck at the title screen. No matter what buttons I press, it doesn't work. Enter doesn't work. Arrow keys don't work. While searching for a solution online I alt tabbed the running playtest, and when I tabbed back...
  19. Bridgeman

    So can I edit the RTP?

    I just bought RPG Maker 2003 from Steam, and read the EULA before installing. There was a part that said I can't reverse engineer the RTP, but does that mean I can't edit it? There are some tiles in the RTP which I would like to be in a different color, so I would like to recolor those tiles in...
  20. Bridgeman

    Would be cool if someone could remake the Rm2k guys for MV.

    I don't suppose this will happen very soon, but if there are any bored and talented spriters out there, I would totally appreciate some RMMV style remakes of the Rm2k heroes. Alex isn't necessary, because he comes with DLC for MV.  However, there's still Brian (the blue hair dude in the...

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