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  1. Talo

    Need World Map

    I would like some one to do a detailed world map with the default tiles of this map: I will trade services as a spriter, maper, game tester if needed.
  2. Talo

    [VX Ace] Changing how you level

    I have been playing around with new ways to do game leveling.  One of my ideas that I would like to suggest to the community would require some help getting the scripting out there.  Basically you have your stats: Str, Agil, Int, Wis, Luk, etc... all start at a mid value, let's say 50 out of...
  3. Talo

    [RECRUITMENT] Map Maker Needed

    it's a lazy man's maping. Basically you just draw a picture and set boundries
  4. Talo

    Dragon Warrior 4, the lost chapters

    One of my favorite games growing up was the Dragon Warrior games.  DW4 in particular had a great story, and so many great characters.  But as you get to the last chapter of the game, everyone just kinda continued their own story.   Many of these I think would make a great tribute game.  I plan...
  5. Talo

    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    I finished my game more or less. Any play testers want to try it out?
  6. Talo

    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    I have a game half done, but I don't know how to edit the menu in the scripts. Anyone willing to trade skills or join me for this event?
  7. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #17

    I made a sprite sheet... sticking with my sprite theme entries from now on.
  8. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #16

    The idea is to not have anything started though
  9. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #16

    It's a character that is now in a RPG VX ACE game that I am making.  So it falls into my own stuff category.
  10. Talo

    [Request] Map makers for a Tales of Symphonia remake

     I'm a mapper, msg me if you're still interested.
  11. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #16

    wow really? yes it's mine, from pixel scratch, want to see the sprite sheet I made it from: _ Also, the reason I asked was I was hoping to start doing mini games for my art challenge entry
  12. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #16

    When I think of future, I think of robots EDIT: Made with MS PAINT, no stock, no pallets, no nothing, blank white.  Took me 2 hours to do the sprite sheet, this is 1 of 12 sprites on it. Why are all the themes, Draw something,... we have writers and musicians here too.  Can we make them more...
  13. Talo

    Human Body Tips

  14. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #15

    Wow, how did you draw the chain link fence?  Did you just do one part and pastern it?
  15. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #15

    As you mentioned it's a character from a game we are making, this is my main character from the game I'm starting.  He is a robot.  And now he is in a suit.
  16. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #14

     @ Ms Littlefish Sorry I'm kinda confused, but is the pig nose deliberate?
  17. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #14

    I tried to do a simplified symbol that you would see for a logo or something of that sorts.  If you haven't guessed it's Zues and Hades Example use of symbol: Note, this is a Starbucks coffee cup, not drawn, and not part of the submission, only use as demonstrative aid.
  18. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #13

    Not sure how fair it is to have a ton of work that you already did years ago to pull from. :/ Some of us have jobs you know.  OK, so here is my attempt. I'm actually more impressed with the metal gradient I did. This is literally the best example of metal shading I have ever done. My "Armor of...
  19. Talo


    UPDATE I have good news.  The game is coming along nicely. I am currently working out the fine details of the framework of the game and getting close to adding storyline with some added help.  With that said, if anyone has any ideas or want to be part of this, I will be doing job boards at the...
  20. Talo

    Weekly Art Challenge #12

    @daheji LOL first thing I thought of was Link btw how do you make thumbnails?

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