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  1. Overworld Enemy Fighting?

    From what I know the thing you're asking about is called 'Action Battle System'. I'd suggest searching for this on the forums - you will find plenty of threads about it.
  2. Hi ho!

    Welcome! Pleasure to meet you :)
  3. Glad to be here!

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Hello- New here

    Hi, hey, hello!
  5. Back after ten years!

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Intro

  7. Thoughts on being called an unqualified developer

    I think we're still lacking a bit of context here as I can't imagine how your lack of 'qualifications' could be a problem for anyone unless there's something else to this story. In my humble opinion them bringing this up must be a symptom of some bigger issue. You know, it's not my business...
  8. December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    I managed to successfully prototype hero creation process for my wRPG project. And now I'm implementing automated version of it so that I can spawn the default party with one click.
  9. Here I am.

    Hello there!
  10. I'm smhaaokir!

    Howdy, partner! :stache:
  11. First RPG game you ever played

    For me it was Baldur's Gate. I still have the map that came with it on my wall, nicely framed :)
  12. Hello, my name is Koenig

    Directions or advice? Well, after thinking about this for a little I'd advice you and any other people interested in working in the industry to: 1. Keep making stuff - apart from playing tons of video games I've always been creating things like short stories, pen&paper RPG scenarios and later...
  13. Hello, my name is Koenig

    Hello there! About seven years ago I was doing my first Unity tutorials and today I work for one of the biggest AAA studios, so y'know - step in the right direction ;)
  14. Hello everyone!

    Hi! Welcome to the forums! :)
  15. Hi there!

    Hi, hey, hello!
  16. RMMV Witch's weapon ?

    Since you're looking for something traditional I'd suggest a sickle, boline or some other ritual blade.
  17. Changes to Olivia's Weapon Swap System

    Hey guys, I recently purchased Olivia's Weapon Swap System plugin ( and while it does fulfill my needs it has features I'd like to change/simplify. So if some kind soul could look into it and modify the script I would be eternally grateful :)...
  18. Script to find actor with lowest health

    Thank you @Zevia The method you described works perfectly.

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