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  1. CombatJazz

    RMMV Yanfly Subclass change on weapon change

    Hi! My question is pretty simple. I'm looking for a way that I could set it so that the character's subclass automatically changes when they equip a new weapon type. If a sword is equipped, their subclass is locked to Sword Student. If they equip an axe, it's changed to Axe Student. And so on. I...
  2. CombatJazz

    Theorycrafting a Weapon Mastery Skilltree System w/ Yanfly Skill Core

    Hi, everyone. I am making this thread mostly out of a desire to kick opinions around before I commit to entirely rewriting my database. I'm sort of a newbie to complicated event-based and variable based systems and I'd like to know if what I'm describing is feasible. Here is the idea. Player...
  3. CombatJazz

    Cliff Edges just... not working

    Howdy! I am about to rip all of the hair out of my scalp. I am trying to make an area of the map that is an indentation in the ground. Appropriately, you should be able to go *in* via the stairs but not *out* via just walking over the cliffs, because that doesn't make any god damn sense. I have...
  4. CombatJazz

    Prevent "Cannot Move" Restriction from Literally Preventing Movement

    Hello again! Another checks watch half hour, another problem. For my faux-press turn system, i use a state with a "cannot move" effect in order to demarcate the end of the turn. However, this presents a problem in that it Literally Prevents Motion, making the sideview battlers stop moving and...
  5. CombatJazz

    Eval based on element rate

    Hi, everyone. I think this one is pretty simple. I have a passive state on everyone that does a thing. If you hit a weakness or crit, it does another thing. Otherwise, it does not. I'd like if there were a way to have a "custom action end effect" (yanfly Buff/States Core) that checks if the...
  6. CombatJazz

    Yanfly Synthesis Fully Hide Unavailable

    Hello, everyone! I like to imagine my question is pretty simple. My game has a ****ton of items, to the point that when the player opens up the synthesis menu they are immediately confronted with Literally Everything, which I personally find immensely daunting and would imagine others would too...
  7. CombatJazz

    Combat Jazz's RTP Dices

    Hi, everyone! I am using these mostly for my own purposes -- I do a lot of mapping in doodads and the default pack does not have really good paths available, so I went and diced up the overworld dirt path bits myself so that I could use them for doodadding. Feel free to use them if you need...
  8. CombatJazz

    Yanfly Lunatic Scripting - Shin Megami Tensei-styled Instant Death?

    Hello! I'm trying to get Shin Megami Tensei styled instant death abilities to work, and I'm having a bit of a doozy of a time since my scripting knowledge is lackluster, so any help would be appreciated. By Shin Megami Tensei styled I mean that the instant death is elemental in nature - you...
  9. CombatJazz

    Yanfly Row - How to stop an enemy from moving into an occupied space?

    Hello, help form! Here's my question -  I'm using the row plugin (amongst many other plugins, but I think this is something that can be solved with the row plugin, battle AI, and maybe action sequences? I don't know how really to javascript and i feel like this would require javascript, so...

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