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  1. MV Generator Request- 2 Towels Generator Clothing

    Thanks~ @Pearl484 I'm trying to modify it for the SV but I'm getting difficulty(since it becomes much more pixelated when stretching), but at least this is a start.
  2. MV Generator Request- 2 Towels Generator Clothing

    When making a new request thread, it would be helpful if you follow this form: Resource Type: MV Generator Clothing Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP/default style Description: A towel generator part for male and female(not kids, since the generator has that new subsection). You know how guys...
  3. bee man sideview actor

    Omg this is definitely cool! I myself won't use it, but I may consider basing a final class off the head design as inspiration.
  4. Game Message and Choice dynamic text code Tutorial

    I don't fully understand this post, but from what I am reading this may allow me to script it so that I can hide/show certain choices depending on switches and variables. Definitely going to read further until I figure this out.
  5. HP MP TP Colors & Names

    Omg I am definitely loving this!!! My one complaint is if I for example use a large word like "Affection" (I am creating a pet/follow system where big words like that are used) it will be incredibly shrunken up. I will use shorter words for now but if you can find a fix for that it would be cool.
  6. Text Input Window

    I am unable to get the show image command to work. I did download the image and follow the instructions. I even tried varying up the command text and it still isn't working. Is anyone else having problems?
  7. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    $gameMap.eventsXy(x, y).forEach(function(event) { if (event.event().meta.EVENT NOTETAG NAME) NAMEOFARRAY.push(event); }); So this is what we use to get all events located in a specific area right? I'm trying to push all events in the map(not just in a specific spot) into an array...
  8. Egg/Pet Battle System

    @Kes If you could close this, that would be fine
  9. Egg/Pet Battle System

    In my RPG MV game, there is a 3 way hierarchy. Top: Giant Animals Middle: Adversus Girls(main characters) Bottom: Small animals Throughout the game you either encounter the animals, or find their eggs and bring them to the pet hub area. I feel lacking in the inspiration department, so I am...
  10. Rates for hiring part time RPG MV programmers/"helpers"?

    @EternalShadow yeah that is a better word. I'll remember that when the time comes, thank you.
  11. Rates for hiring part time RPG MV programmers/"helpers"?

    The first one. What would you call it?
  12. Rates for hiring part time RPG MV programmers/"helpers"?

    @Sharm That does make sense, and I will consider what advice I will take. Employee is a better word, I just used the word "helper" because in my mind it was "Picking up what I can't do". I will probably use the word employee for this. I definitely agree with you in the second paragraph. If it...
  13. Rates for hiring part time RPG MV programmers/"helpers"?

    I'm not putting this into the classified since I am not hiring currently, but simply wanting feedback. Long story short, my current plan for my ******* is if I reach my "Full Time Job" perk halfway in my college semester, I will be unable to work full time on the development since I can't just...
  14. "Tinting" in mobile version?

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong forum, apparently my one weakness is being unable to tell which one to post to. Anyways, a while back I heard that the tint function in RPG MV does not work in the mobile deployments, and in order to make up for that you have to use pictures and use...
  15. Add dlc to your RPG MV game on steam?

    @Johnboy Yeah I just hope it's a better process than greenlight, which stopped a lot of good projects from going on steam but letting so many bad projects on there. If you want an example of what I mean, watch SOS playlist on youtube by rpgminx and sinow. If the price isn't over 1,000 I may be...
  16. Swords for now

    @YogiKun Omg you are amazing thank god someone made an umbrella. I tried for like half an hour to make a horrible edit in the weapons.png and I sucked. You saved my life.
  17. Add dlc to your RPG MV game on steam?

    Thank you for your input. Yeah it is a big amount of work, but to explain my reasoning I will explain the game I am making. The episode one I am currently working on is going to be a "demo" as well as the setup to a series called "Let's make a magical girl rpg maker game" on youtube. I am...
  18. Add dlc to your RPG MV game on steam?

    Because the stats and leveling would reset each time you start a new one, plus I would have to go through the steam greenlight process 12 times in a row, and I don't wanna push my luck on steam.
  19. Add dlc to your RPG MV game on steam?

    I think I am posting this in the correct place. I looked around for the answer but couldn't find one. Does anyone know of any ways to add dlc to your game using steam on rpg maker? My current plan for my game is have it in an episode structure. The first episode is free, and then two through...
  20. SV Actor battle placement Change???

    Do you believe it's possible to change it using a script command? I want to change the location depending on the battleback. Hmm.

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