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  1. [MV + MZ] In-game editor plugin

    Hello, Yegitu. Don't worry, This is not a dumb question. I'll make two versions of my plugin. We know just some informations about the new RPG Maker. But, as there is at least some modifications about animation sprites and system data's, it is nearly sure that the RPG Maker MZ must be using...
  2. [MV + MZ] In-game editor plugin

    Hello, everyone. We're a lot to find the RPG Maker program very useful, but hard to manage, mainly because the program doesn't include any means to fix a bug with the game currently played. Also, if the notetags allow to extend parametrization of the database, it is very complex to verify if...
  3. [YEP] Target Core : An error ?

    Oops, sorry for this error : I've seen Yanfly's main post here, with bug reports, then, I would think this is here I post this. Thank !
  4. [YEP] Target Core : An error ?

    Hello. I would like to send this post to Yanfly himself, but his report bug post is locked, and I can't start a conversation with him, then... I hope he will see this. I'll try to make a plugin, and to adapt it to its plugin YEP_TargetCore, but I've read this ...
  5. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    For now, I've always on modifying plugins. I've already some ones I can post, but for now, I want just to finish my current plugin. Furthermore, with the new functionnalities offered by the version 1.5 of the RPG Maker MV, new ideas are developping inside me. In fact, one of finished plugins is...
  6. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    I can't foresee the future, but according to me, first plugins should be out before augustus. For the demo, there exists already one for all functionalities. I don't know if I can make a demo for each plugin... but I have the goal to create myself a game like a Dragon Quest Monsters, but with...
  7. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    This is always in process. I know I promise these plugins a few months ago, but this is not complete... All I can say is I've finished to improve Skillsets, Attributes and Books plugins, and I begun to separate all add-ins in uniques and independant files. When this is finished, all plugins...
  8. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    This parameter will be added in the next update Currently, I've tried to improve the plugin, because, even if all its effects are effective, this is very hard to understand the code used, in addition to its several applications. I've already improved the Skillset functionnality, and I'm...
  9. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hello, First, I've released a new version of the Plugin. Among theses ameliorations, there are the compatibility with the plugin Core Engine by Yanfly, the adding of a new scene showing your monsters being synthetizing and the new monster being created, and some supplementary pages for the...
  10. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Sorry, I thinked is sufficient... apparently, no... No worries, this is a link for DDL by Google Drive : And this is a link for the same game... in English. Yes, this is already translated ...
  11. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    The wait is too long, no... Sorry, but to make enough tests, debugs and corrections, two weeks, that's nearly not enough... But that's finished... I think the game is completely finished. Here is a link to download the demo (only in French, an English Version arrives shortly) ...
  12. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Don't worry : the translation is already planned. I only propose to release the French (and original) version when all tests are completed, for those who wants above all a French version, and those who can't wait too long (I need only 2 weeks maximum to translate all !)
  13. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Ok, I'm ready for the summary of the advancement for the demo... Map : ... ... ... 100% !!! (Yes, Yes and Yes !!! all maps are finished) It remains now only two things to do before the translation of all texts of the game : - For now, the synthese system create the new monster, then...
  14. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hum Hum... good night, everyone, let's start the advancement of the demo : Map: 40% (the city is totally built, same thing for the arena and the first map for one of the road... even if I have tested nothing for now...) Then, I hope to finish one of the roads I've imagined some weeks ago...
  15. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hello, summary of the demo advancement... started !!! Objects: 100% (that's finished, now !!!) Map: 10% (the map of the town is created... but it remains map of shops, arena + dungeons and road to these) Now, this is the part which evolves not so quickly... Then, you have to wait a...
  16. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    OK, then, as each Monday, this is the recap of demo evolution : Enemies : 100% !!! (Yes, param max, skillsets default, attributes, resistances and resistances up by synthesis... all is defined !) Objects : 25% (Just add some supplementary objects, and this is sufficient) Map : 0% (this...
  17. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hello. Now is the time for saying how the demo advances : Plugin : 99% (maybe some adding, but the main changes are finished !) Classes : 40% (all classic and special synthesis are defined) Skills : 100% Attributes : 85% (the main attributes are already defined, but it lacks some of...
  18. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    That's planned, and about this, here is the news about the advancement for this demo. Classes: 30% (I've only defined face sprite for each classes) Others: As previous week I know: I've not advanced since last week, but this is for enhance the plugin, and for this, it's finished to 60%...
  19. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    As in Dragon Quest Monsters, actors' classes and enemies are the same thing. That's why they share the same battler sprite. Then, to define the actor's battler, you have to : 1) Define the battler sprite for a enemy 2) Add in the "Remark" block of this enemy, the following comment  ...
  20. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    I'll already make the point about the demo (and I'll make it once a week), in order that you know what I've already done, what I must do, and how many days you have to wait to try this demo : - Enemies : 90% (I've already defined all enemies, but I've also defined the particular parameters...

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