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  1. The Magic Circle

    I composed an epic battle song!

    It's neat but not for fights. It's generally not a good idea to write music and then writing scenes to fit them, unless you're doing something very specifically geared around music (like, I dunno, insert classical music that I'm not familiar enough with to recommend that you listen to). It...
  2. The Magic Circle

    The Magic Circle's Music Station!

    And here's another one! It's a mix of Lithuanian folk music (or extremely pretentious 20th century classical), Balinese gamelan, and drum and bass. As I've said, no matter what sort of style of music you want, I'll do it. I'm debating messing around with the choir a bit, but that's not super...
  3. The Magic Circle

    The Magic Circle's Music Station!

    Here's a new song for you. It's a sort of trippy house thing - basically the perfect soundtrack for fighting weird robots.
  4. The Magic Circle

    The Magic Circle's Music Station!

    SLOTS: 1 - OPEN 2 - OPEN 3- OPEN 4 - OPEN 5 - OPEN Hi! You can call me Kit. I've been composing music for a couple of years for a project I've been working on with some friends, and I figured that composing music for other people would help get me involved with the community. Here's some of...
  5. The Magic Circle

    Make looping BGM - Part 1 (OGG Vorbis)

    That's so useful :O Thank you!
  6. The Magic Circle

    The Red Letter [ r p g h o r r o r ] Team needed!

    Sounds good to me! I had thought that you said that you weren't looking for a composer anymore, but I'm glad to hear that you still do (and that the project's still on) :)
  7. The Magic Circle

    SERVICE Composer Offer

    Your music is lovely. If you're still around, and would be interested in collaborating with someone on a project, feel free to PM me.
  8. The Magic Circle

    FREE Need Voice Actors for Horror Game demo!

    I'm theoretically interested in working on this, although I need to buy a proper mic (which I will do soon). Feel free to message me with details!
  9. The Magic Circle

    Let's make a BATMAN GAME!!!!

    If you still need music, feel free to PM me as well. I need to expand my portfolio and this sounds fun.
  10. The Magic Circle

    Studio Spiral Dream's "Killer Flamingo" Spriters, Combat Animation, Mappers, , Testers, VA etc.

    I'm interested in working as a databaser, although I'm not completely sure about the specifics of what you need. Feel free to PM me with details!
  11. The Magic Circle

    Puella Magi Elaine Magica -Recruuitment- (A fan-game of the Madoka Magica series)

    I'd be happy to work on music for this, especially since Madoka Magica is one of my favourite series. Feel free to PM me with details!
  12. The Magic Circle

    FREE I'm looking for voice actors to play the role of Gods!

    If you're interested I can give playing Nimbus a shot. It might take a little bit for me to do it, because I need a proper mic, but I was planning on buying one soon anyway.
  13. The Magic Circle

    Hiring for Mistaken!

    Do you still need a character designer who's separate from an artist? I'm terrible at the latter but pretty good at the former, so if you're into that sort of thing I'm in, too.
  14. The Magic Circle

    The Red Letter [ r p g h o r r o r ] Team needed!

    I'm interested in working on music. Most of my stuff is a hybrid of electronic music/jazz/orchestral stuff (I can PM you with details), but I'm very interested in stretching out and working on something strictly orchestral for a change. EDIT: Oops, I didn't read all the way through the thread...
  15. The Magic Circle


    I'm interested in working on music and possibly writing. I can give you my Discord in private, as well :)
  16. The Magic Circle

    FREE Need writer for a short project!

    I'm interested! I have a bit of writer's block for my own project at the moment, but people tell me I'm a strong writer and this sounds like a lot of fun.
  17. The Magic Circle

    RMVXA The Lucidia Chronicles (30+ hour RPG)

    I like your art style a lot. It reminds me of Tales of Symphonia and while I haven't had a chance to play through it yet, that's hooked me in already.
  18. The Magic Circle

    RMMV A Collection of Paranormal Stories

    This is great! I love the atmosphere and that it's set in Washington, and having the demo embedded in a browser is a nice touch.
  19. The Magic Circle

    Galv's Message Styles

    I love this even if I'm not using it in my game. It adds a lot of charm to things - anything that reminds me of Paper Mario is a plus.

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