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  1. HeyItsKidd

    Are school-themed games boring?

    Are school games boring? No. Are school games starring a boy with no apparent skills (except for his super secret superpowers) who's followed around by a gaggle of cookie cutter love interests boring? School games where the only on-site medical staff is a secretly-evil doctor who's creepily...
  2. HeyItsKidd

    What are the most common traps newbie developers tend to fall for while making a project?

    It seems like a lot of the problems we're mentioning seem to fall under one major umbrella: Not knowing what you want to make. Okay, that sounds like nonsense, but hear me out for a sec. Oftentimes, people start with RPGM because we love RPGs - but when we say "I love RPGs!" or even "I love...
  3. HeyItsKidd

    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    @Funevill - It sounds like you're wanting the base/vanilla version of RPGMaker to contain every potential sprite/mechanic/song/etc you could possibly want, which would raise the price astronomically. As for me, I just want more generator parts, specifically clothes. It seems like something...
  4. HeyItsKidd

    New Releases: Ancient Dungeons: Winter for MV, Marsha Erin Character Pack!

    My question is, does the art style/shading/etc of these "fit" with the standard RTP MV stuff? All of Celianna's tiles are GORGEOUS, I just want to know if they'll look out of place next to Vanilla stuff.
  5. HeyItsKidd

    To Durability Or Not To Durability

    To quote an overused meme, why not both? Consider a system where upgrades/durability are two sides of the same coin: This wouldn't necessarily apply to all weapons, but perhaps for a special sub-category of weapons - I'll call 'em "Relics" for now. These weapons start out as kinda flawed -...
  6. HeyItsKidd

    RMMV Murder Mystery Game - Murder at the Riverside Inn

    Oooh, looks exciting! I'll definitely tell you what I think once I've played it. :D
  7. HeyItsKidd

    "Make Your Own Game" Series?

    That's fantastic! I haven't used Ace very recently (last time was around 2016-ish?) but it's probably like riding a bike, y'know?
  8. HeyItsKidd

    FREE Cat Quest: The Last Catmancer v.2.0- Dungeon Designers

    I can absolutely take a look at it tonight!
  9. HeyItsKidd

    FREE Suikoden Esque RPG

    I'm actually working on something vaguely inspired by Suikoden myself right now. It seems like Konami really dropped the ball with ending the series, seeing as there's clearly a demand for similar stuff!
  10. HeyItsKidd

    "Make Your Own Game" Series?

    When I first bought VXAce a few years back, there was a series of online tutorials called "Make Your Own Game", which gave a pretty decent overview of the engine's systems by walking the reader through the creation of a 30mins-ish game. My question is, is there anything like that for MV?
  11. HeyItsKidd

    Is it RPG maker community worthy if you take out the RPG Battle part of it?

    Some yes, some no. Personally, I play RPGs for the story and worldbuilding, but a really fun battle system can help keep me hooked (eg. Trails in the Sky). RPG stands for Role Playing Game - any game where you assume the "role" of a fictional character and decide their actions. D&D, LARPing...
  12. HeyItsKidd

    Original Character Contest II Winners!

    @Eliaquim ! Look who's the new avatar! \o/
  13. HeyItsKidd

    RMMV Game Idea: Posession RPG

    That's actually a great idea - looking at other games themed around ghosts/possession. Just off the top of my head, I can think of Ghost Trick, Geist, and Omikron: The Nomad Soul - maybe some of those, or some other games might give you some good inspiration!
  14. HeyItsKidd

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    That could be really cool! If it helps generate ideas, I'll mention that the Tomb Raider fandom tends to do lots of different custom level challenges with stuff like holiday/setting themeing, or certain restrictions like "No combat" or "Only use default graphics"...maybe something like that...
  15. HeyItsKidd

    Original Character Contest II Winners!

    What're the usage rights for the OC packs (including the Japanese)? I'd love to have 'em cameo in a commercial game, but obviously if that's not allowed, I don't want to step on any toes... EDIT: I just noticed the usage terms are included in the download for each character. Could someone...
  16. HeyItsKidd

    RMMV Game Idea: Posession RPG

    I'd say one of the first things you'd want to consider is how much control you want the player to have over these characters. You mentioned that when possessing a blacksmith, your dialog options and skills would be fairly blacksmith-y. This implies that there's still some level of control or...
  17. HeyItsKidd

    Guardinthena's Fantasy Generator Expansion-Dwarfs!

    Wanted to throw my two cents in as to how much I love these generator parts. I'm not making a game about Dwarves specifically, but I find having these extra options for more pronounced noses and unique beard styles helps me just make more unique-looking characters.
  18. HeyItsKidd

    Tilesets bad look

    The Terms of Usage say they can be used in any engine (if you're using these for example). Upscaling-wise, I'd try something like Waifu or bigjpg. There are plenty of software out there, each with different protocol, you'd want to try different ones and see what looks best for you. There's...
  19. HeyItsKidd

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Awesome, thanks!
  20. HeyItsKidd

    Tilesets bad look

    It's typically pretty difficult to upscale/resize an image to look good in a higher resolution. AI-driven tools like waifu exist, but the results can be iffy. That said, I'd check the terms of use on the tiles you bought. Typically, tiles made for a specific engine can only be used in that...

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