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  1. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (MV version) [custom interior tiles]

    Hey guys, gals and friends! I have made some progress on those new MV tiles that I would like to share with you! First up, I have realised that my base interior tiles did not include a bed, so I have added one. I have also made good progress on the basement tiles: The A4 tilesheet has also...
  2. Sevarihk

    Looking for a 90s Styled Tileset

    I am not really sure if it is even possible to make it in Ace RTP style but at the same time make it look like 90s website graphics, because the styles are very different. The tiles in the Ace RTP (correct me, if I'm wrong, I don't use Ace very often) are digitally drawn and then scaled to size...
  3. Sevarihk

    Looking for a 90s Styled Tileset

    Maybe clearing a few things up might get people more inclined to help. Are you looking for a tileset that lets you map a somewhat authentic 90s interior as in your last reference? or are you looking for tiles in the style of a 90s cartoon with the wonky shape and colour choices like in your...
  4. Sevarihk

    Looking for sprite water monster :)

    Well, feel free to use the charset animations on the map. You could also pick one of the frames from the animations as a static battler.
  5. Sevarihk

    Any tileset in a similar style as ORTP?

    The LPC assets look kind of similar. They're not originally made with RPG maker in mind though, so you might have to rearrange tiles and sprites a bit.
  6. Sevarihk

    Looking for sprite water monster :)

    I have this little sea monster I can offer. It has three animations, idle: hurt: and an attack animation: here is a little preview of the animations: I was not sure about what you are looking for apart from charsets. VXAce only supports static images for enemies during combat, right...
  7. Sevarihk

    You face in my text based adventure.

    If you can't get enough people to send you pictures, you might consider using to get some additional face pictures. This website lets an AI generate a new human face each time you refresh it. So there are no actual people behind it, so no privacy can be...
  8. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (MV version) [custom interior tiles]

    Hey, guys (and gals and friends)! I havent updated here in a while, since I mostly prefer working with XP. But I was still itching to try out different styles and those 48x48 tile dimensions certainly are a lot of fun, too. So, I have decided to start making a new little tile collection in MV...
  9. Sevarihk

    Ocean Sprites

    Here you go! edited it to MV charset formate. Edit: You can check my terms on my thread, btw. but generally I am cool with anything as long as you give proper credit.
  10. Sevarihk

    Ocean Sprites

    I could offer this stingray I made a while ago. I made it for XP, so it has a 4 frame animation, but if you'd like, I could try editing it down to 3 frames without the animation getting too choppy...
  11. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    Hello, all of you Kings, Queens and Themperors! I am back with some new goodies for projects! As for many, 2020 has been a weird and rather slow year so far, but I still managed to make a bunch of neat assets that I would like to share with you! First off: I have been adding little bits here...
  12. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (general version)

    Hello, all of you Kings, Queens and Themperors! Since all classes are online now and yours truly likes to multitask, I have some new busts to share with you. And since I know that its always most useful to have busts that come with matching sprites, I have focused on drawing busts to sprites I...
  13. Sevarihk

    MV Sprites and/or Tilesets for TINY WORLD?

    I made some exterior/garden tiles a while ago that might work for that... You're looking for MV, I presume? But would you even be able to see a window if your chars are that small? Other than that you might get away with editing some background images... those usually are pretty big for...
  14. Sevarihk

    Looking for MV Modern Beach Tileset

    You will have to download the zip-file and look for the terms of use in the individual creator's subfolders. Almost all of them have an English translation included. I skimmed through them and most seem to be fine with commercial use.
  15. Sevarihk

    Sea creature/animals character set

    Glad you like them! And of course you may use the sprites, I am glad when peopel find a use for my pixels. I just copied my Terms of Use from my XP thread here... I have a bunch of other water related stuff there, maybe something else could be of use to you.
  16. Sevarihk

    Sea creature/animals character set

    Well, I have made a few sea creatures for XP... Maybe some of them are of use to you:
  17. Sevarihk

    Modern Harbor/Waterfront Tiles for MV

    I made a crane a while ago. It's not really RTP style, but since you didnt specify which style you're looking for, I'll just post it. It's made for XP, so if you need me to adapt the layout for MV, just tell me.
  18. Sevarihk

    Ship Vehicle and Gold Coins sprites for MV!

    I have been working on a tileset for XP that can be used to make 4 directional ships. Theoretically you could use that to assemble a somewhat small boat or ship in the 4 directions, that you can then use as a charset in MV. I have just tried making a small boat with it. I tried to keep it as...
  19. Sevarihk

    Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    Here you go! I hope the downed sheep now looks more like what you were looking for
  20. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    Oh, boy! I totally forgot to put my last update on here :kaoback: I was so sure I had posted here... but I guess I got that mixed up woth my MV thread... So, on the bright side this means this is gonna be a bigger update! First of all, I made some more characters from my template: a female...

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