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  1. maigmemple

    Please help making a sprite for me

    Hey guys So I’ve done the face set for my main bad guy(girl in this case) But I’m no good at creating the sprite ive done a rough copy of what I’m looking for. Could someone please help me out and make the sprite look perfect :)
  2. maigmemple

    [ALL FIXXED]Walking Sprite need Help

    hey guys im having a lot of trouble with the color in the generator so if anyone could fix it that would be amazing :D
  3. maigmemple

    Looking for a fox sv sprite

    hey guys I’ve been looking for a fox side view battler for MV And I’ve had no luck So if anyone has made one or knows where one is please hit me up I appreciate it ☺️
  4. maigmemple

    Hair tv and sv

    hey all I was just wondering if anyone could make me a few different hair styles for the tv and sv sprite. I’ve done lots of hair styles but I can’t do the tv and sv for the life of me. So if anyone could help I’d really really appreciate it Here and the hair styles
  5. maigmemple

    Maig’s original art :)

    hey guys This is going to be full of my sketches and art for my mv game :) I hope you enjoy like :) these are my 2 main characters Crano - Arith -
  6. maigmemple


    MAIGS GENERATOR PARTS HEY GUYS AND GIRLS ive decided to no longer create resources as i do not have the time in my life to do so anymore. but i hope you have enjoyed what i have put out there. and i hope my hairs make your game a little more unique. i will still be checking this from time to...

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