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  1. seryphi

    [RMMV] Random title screen?

    I would like to have the title screen of my game be random from a pool of images. The biggest gimmick of my game is things being just a little bit different every time you look at them, so it would really push that aesthetic forward. The problem is that I can't seem to find a way to event this...
  2. seryphi

    Sound ambience in your games

    As a Deaf gamemaker and game player I tend to forget about the effect of sound on the game atmosphere. Horror games are never as scary somehow, and in many other games I find myself getting bored when friends swear it is all very interesting. So I think sound has to have a pretty big effect. So...
  3. seryphi

    [RPGMV] modifying the inventory menu?

    My game is based on eldritch horror and "breaking" the in game universe- so far this has just been switching the player between distorted versions of a map with random chance events. But I wanted to do something a little more jarring. Is it possible to have an item or event break the inventory...
  4. seryphi

    Font check?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have a conditional event check what font you're using? I have Yanfly and SumRndmDde's plugins for fonts and messages, but I can't find anything that would let me check to see which particular font the player is using at the moment. For example, I want to have...
  5. seryphi

    RMMV Torat

    TORAT (No banner yet...) Disclaimer: This game deals with potentially disturbing topics (abuse, mental illness, intrusive thoughts, self destructive impulses, etc). Nothing explicit, but discretion definitely advised. There's implications. You won't like them. Disclaimer 2: I was only...
  6. seryphi

    Ser's VXA Sprites

    Currently not much here since I only really started doing custom graphics once I got MV, but I did some VXA fangame sprites a few years back that should go in here. Base for the sprites is from Game Character Hub, then I went nuts with a paint program. (One of these days I want to make some...
  7. seryphi


    Thought I'd stop in here and say hi! I'm Ser/Seryph/that-weird-disabled-guy-who-arts-things :kaopride: I've been messing with RPG Maker a long while, although I've only recently started playing with MV. I've made one (1) successful fangame that's floating around on Tumblr somewhere, but right...

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