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  1. Kim Jong Feel

    XAS Actors - What Should I Use?

    I just finished getting some nice sprites for my new game that's using the XAS (Xiderowg Action System) for the two playable characters, the main hero kid and his friend-that's-a-girl, but after I put them into the game I realized that the equipped weapon or shield doesn't show when you attack...
  2. Kim Jong Feel

    Action Game Menu?

    So, I have a vision. It involves an action fantasy RPG using Khas Sapphire Action System with a lot of different weapons, items, spells, dodging, blocking, jumping, deflecting and everything of the sort to make an intense experience. Sadly, the default RPG Maker menu, along with many variations...
  3. Kim Jong Feel

    Database Limit Breaker 1.1 (Event Port)

    Does this make it so that you can have more than 999 events on a map? Because I really need to find something for that or I can't finish my game...

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