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  1. BishoujoHelper

    Streaming or Carryover Attacks

    I have warrior-type classes that get multiple attacks per round as they go up in level. That part already works, thanks to YEP_WeaponUnleash and some Lunatic Mode code. But one feature of the game that I'm converting to MV is that their attacks "stream" or "carryover" to other enemies if one is...
  2. BishoujoHelper

    SOLVED: get ID of selected/used item in Common Event?

    So, there's some deliberately useless items that the party can accumulate. In the original game that I'm creating a conversion of, there was a menu command to (D)rop an item, then select the # of the item in the inventory list. In RMMV, it's going the other way, and in the Items screen you...
  3. BishoujoHelper

    When you realize what you're converting stinks?

    I had a sneaking suspicion years ago, when I was doing the first try at converting somebody else's game to another very similar game system, that what I'd gotten was a turkey. But I really was working only with the script files of events (to put it in RPG Maker terms), and the monster, skill and...
  4. BishoujoHelper

    Typo in MV 1.50 Tutorial

    Only found one typo in first tutorial so far, but it's a kinda funny one. Will edit this if I find more: 1. First tutorial. When asking the user to add Quick Transfer event to Normal Town map, it says "Click the entrance of the town blow." should be "below".
  5. BishoujoHelper

    RMMV The Bard's Lore (a BTCS conversion) - Beta Released

    The Bard's Lore: The Warrior and The Dragon SYNOPSIS: An old-school dungeon crawl is returned from the previous millenium in a new guise. No backstory, no character development, no building interiors. Just one main quest, minimal hand-holding, and unforgiving grinding. If you rage quit...
  6. BishoujoHelper

    SOLVED: Trying to get maximum Luck stat of party

    I'm sure there's a relatively quick way to use a script call to get the maximum value of the Luck ($ statistic of all party members. But I keep getting a crash ("TypeError: Cannot read property 'param' of null") when doing this: ◆Script:for(var...
  7. BishoujoHelper

    Greetings RPG makers

    Planning on downloading RMMV trial very soon, wanted to plan out what I'm doing first so I have as much time as possible to work in the 20 days. First project will be my (third) conversion of the freeware "Bard's Lore" adventure for The Bard's Tale Construction Set (BTCS). Have done it before...

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