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  1. Tileset passage setting causes the top my actor's head cut (Please check my picture)

    I have the plant tileset made by Chiaras, and this plant occupies two cells, so I set the passage like what's shown in the picture. It results in exactly what I want. My actor can go through the back and can stand in front of it. Very nice. The only problem is that when my actor stands in...
  2. After updating gpu driver, anim's color changed to blue

    I've just updated my NVIDIA driver, and found some animation's color changed to blue when I played with this ocean battleback. I tested few other battlebacks, they were fine. I used fire1 in the ocean battleback, the anim didn't change color. Didn't test other things. I myself don't mind the...
  3. How can I adjust the position of battlebacks?

    Hello friends, I try to set my MZ to widescreen, 1104x624, as I learned from the forum. But the battleback is enlarged and just don't look right. I wonder if there's a way that I can move the battleback's posotion, so the screen can look better. I've also tried Visustella's Battle Core...
  4. MV comes with Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1~3?

    Just bought MV and some DLCs last week. Haven't had time to exam every piece of them yet. I bought Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1~3, and after installing everything, I found those parts are already in generator's directory. Does it mean that MV comes with these parts already?
  5. RMMZ Visustella weapon animation doesn't work in action sequence

    As title, when doing normal attack, my custom weapon did show. However, in action sequence, the default weapon shows. Don't know how to fix this. I put the <Weapon Image: 38> notetag for my weapon, so any actor doing any action sequence should use my custom weapon. If anyone can help, that'll...
  6. Is there any tool that can test play battle/action sequence dynamically?

    Hello friends, I would like to ask, is there a tool or program that can test play battles dynamically without having to close and restart if I change some parameters of the action swquence? Sorry for the long sentence. Let me explain. I'm creating action sequence. What I'm doing right now is...
  7. My first attempt Action Sequence, some kind of punch skill.

    Hello, here is my first attempt to create an Action Sequence in MZ. The actor dashes forward, charges, and then throws two punches. Now I mainly focus on the movement and action, so it has no effect, damage, and other things yet. Maybe I should say it's only half done. haha. Anyway, I recorded...
  8. Problem with layers and the transparent tile.

    Now I've used 3 layers: Layer 1 is the bottom ground. Layer 2 is some highlands, which are walls and the top platforms. Layer 3 is decoration, which are flowers, logs, and etc. My problem is, when I was on layer 3, I misplaced some logs, so I used the transparent tile(from A5) to erase it...
  9. Buying MV for resources to be used in MZ?

    Hello, I just bought MZ bundle S on Holloween and I don't own any other version of RM. Am thinking to buy MV for its RTP to be used in my MZ project, like enemies, actors, music, and etc. Just want to legally have more basic resources. Before that, I would like to ask. Do MV and MZ have...

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