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  1. BishoujoHelper


    @tseyik That's a nice picture of the demo with the lights turned on, but WHAT is that hexagon in the upper right corner of the game window? Is that some kind of mini-map? If so, I'd really like to know how to get one that works with this plugin and the current version of RMMV.
  2. BishoujoHelper


    @Pluto Pluto You can set a parallax background for an FPLE map, and it will appear as the "infinity" wall when there aren't regular "wall" cubes in front of your view. When I tested on an outdoor-type map with the RTP BlueSky.png background, it wouldn't actually scroll when you moved, and it...
  3. BishoujoHelper


    The more "cubes" your map contains, the worse the lag and delay to redraw after exiting the RMMV menu system or combat. That's even with the caching code fixed (turns out the @norza code is in my version of the plugin already, except the very last line is different but I left it as what it came...
  4. BishoujoHelper


    The only actual error that I fixed was an error message that nobody probably ever got, which was using the wrong text. Fixed up the text in the help section and prettified some whitespace in the code. But I did just add and test my "back up or turn around" parameter, so I'm willing to post the...
  5. BishoujoHelper

    Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Bummer, I was hoping to use this plugin with MBS-FPLE just like @piksalh but I'm at MV 1.6.1 already, @SilverDash hasn't posted since 2016, and the postimg site for screenshots is gone. Any suggestions for a working/supported minimap with fog-of-war?
  6. BishoujoHelper

    Trying out FPLE ( in The Bard's Lore...

    Trying out FPLE ( in The Bard's Lore, mostly works.
  7. BishoujoHelper


    @Doktor_Q I put together a version of the plugin I'm calling 1.5.2 dated 2018-12-25 that included nearly everything I could piece together from this thread. The only things missing that I'm aware of are the @MORINGA patch to make the <fple> notetag case-insensitive (I want to really understand...
  8. BishoujoHelper

    Looping OGG Background Music

    Wanted to chime in, before this thread gets closed, that I'm glad this horse got flogged again. Looks like either the issue in RMMV was fixed by 1.6.1, or your discussion prompted me to finally isolate what was causing my own OGG files to not loop properly. In my case, using Mp3tag to remove a...
  9. BishoujoHelper


    Thinking of trying a single dungeon map from my current project in FPLE. One interesting quirk is that it was originally from the Bard's Tale Construction Set, so walls and doors were "free" because they were between cells. To convert that kind of map to RMMV, I had to expand a single cell to a...
  10. BishoujoHelper

    Make an event end when it gets to a certain spot RPG MV (SOLVED)

    I was thinking of an autorun or parallel "watcher" event to see if all X number of statue events were in their own correct X and Y positions, with no need for any regions. But the @Shaz way avoids the need for a "watcher," as long as something is checking for all X number of those self switch A...
  11. BishoujoHelper

    More- or less Exp after an battle

    I've been using an EXR greater than 1, and as @bgillisp says the usual displayed XP after combat is the same (apparently ignoring the EXR). And as @Andar says there is also rounding, since the monster XP is divided by number of party members (and then truncated, I think) BEFORE the EXR...
  12. BishoujoHelper

    Make an event end when it gets to a certain spot RPG MV (SOLVED)

    Sounds like all you have to do is check in the statue's event what its current X & Y coordinate on the current map is, and if its at the correct values then don't allow the "push" to change the statue's position anymore. (Event Commands / tab 1 "Game Progression" Control Variables / "Operand"...
  13. BishoujoHelper

    Instant Death skill against specific-enemy types / Quest available after specific items were sold?

    Another possibility for answering #1, as I've done this already with a "Dispel Illusions" spell: Create State #31 (change # in skill below too if yours is different) "IsUndead", doesn't need an icon and has no Restrictions. Create Skill that does HP damage. Make the skill "Hit Type" (Invocation...
  14. BishoujoHelper

    Couple of RTP Enemies Facesets

    @tale I hope you don't mind if I take some of these and edit them a bit for my own purposes. I've got a "Nessie" summon based on the RTP Behemoth, and a mini-boss based on the RTP Zombie. Will credit you but will recolor and edit a few places. If you're taking requests, was going to do a Blue...
  15. BishoujoHelper

    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Thread [21MAR16]

    @Crimson Dragon Inc. Also nothing wrong with redefining one of the existing RMMV stats to equate to Charisma, as I made ATK -> ST, MAT -> IQ, AGI -> DX, MDF -> CN (Constitution), Luck -> LK for a Bard's Tale setup. Just be aware that the initializing setup in the Database won't let you set a...
  16. BishoujoHelper

    How many Wepons and Armors?

    Strangely, I was just about to go the scripting route myself, reasoning that there WAS a $dataWeapons based on there being a $dataItems that I had used elsewhere, but when I searched the forum for "count weapons" as my first try this post didn't show up for the ridiculous reason that the OP...
  17. BishoujoHelper

    Beta of "The Bard's Lore" ( released...

    Beta of "The Bard's Lore" ( released, hoping for some feedback.
  18. BishoujoHelper

    Beta released, hoping for some feedback.

    Beta released, hoping for some feedback.
  19. BishoujoHelper

    Event Original Character Contest - MV Entries

    1) Character name: Tebnok (the Half-Orc Warrior) 2) About your character: Tebnok is a second generation half-orc, being the son of two first-generation half-orcs (had only one orc parent) that are both warriors. Well, they could be dead now, he doesn't know and he has wandered so far away he's...
  20. BishoujoHelper

    RMMV The Bard's Lore (a BTCS conversion) - Beta Released

    Beta released after losing interest for over 6 months and getting back into working on it again. This is NOT a demo, as the entire storyline is present but the old-school game mechanics aren't entirely implemented. Dropbox link...

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