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  1. Diretooth

    Is there a way to load a game via event? (Continue After Defeat)

    Allow me to preface this with, I know how to use scripting to save a game with $gameSystem.onBeforeSave(); DataManager.saveGame(1); I actually do use this to restrict player saving to a save point and a key item (The save point saves to slot 1, the item saves to slot 2. This keeps the game from...
  2. Diretooth

    RTP Sheet Music?

    Lately, I've been dabbling in learning how to make music, and one of the things that leapt out to me was the use of motifs and leitmotifs in games to not only make a game more memorable, but to better drive the emotional weight of a given scene. The RTP for the various RM engines are generally...
  3. Diretooth

    Is there a plugin that caps the amount of individual items in the inventory?

    I'm looking for a plugin that will put a hard cap on the amount of specific items in the inventory. Let's say my game employs Potions, Hi Potions, Ethers, Elixirs, and Megalixirs. I want the maximum amount of each of those to be 30, 10, 10, 5, and 1 respectively (for example). Being able to...
  4. Diretooth

    Yanfly Stat Allocation: Cannot add additional AP.

    I'm having a problem with Yanfly's 'Stat Allocation' plugin, specifically in figuring out how to give a specific actor extra AP. (as in, in addition to what he has presently. I have an event with two script calls in a choice: var actor = $; actor.gainBonusAp(10, 0); and var...
  5. Diretooth

    Is there a plugin for state buildup?

    Allow me to preface this by stating I'm not asking someone to make a plugin for me. Just to identify if it exists and where I can find it if it does exist. I'm looking for a plugin that would allow states to be applied based on a buildup meter, in a manner similar to games like Dark Souls and...
  6. Diretooth

    Using the 'Immortal' State.

    In RPG Maker MV (And perhaps earlier engines, I don't really know), a common premade state that you can come across is 'Immortal', which offers complete nullification of the 'Knockout' state (I.E. Death.) I am not a particularly creative person, so normally I never use it, and have only ever...
  7. Diretooth

    Help File Improvement: Parameter Tab Information.

    Description of the Feature: This feature would be a quality of life update to the RMMV (RPG Maker MV) Help File. Adding information as to what the Parameters, EX-Parameters and SP-Parameters do in the Editor so new users are not confused as to what 'Critical Evasion', 'Pharmacology', 'Physical...
  8. Diretooth

    Collapsible Conditional Branches

    Description of the Feature: A small arrow added to Conditional Branches (vIf, vElse) that allows editor commands directly below to be collapsed into shorter segments. Code for Implementation: If a programmer, you can add some code on how it will be applied in the core scripts. Mockups...
  9. Diretooth

    Does a game dev group need to all own the same resource to use it in a commercial game?

    So, I'm considering finding other game devs to work with, but I have a question in regards to commercial resources, such as resources from another RM engine, or from an RM DLC. Would everyone participating in the development need to all own the resource or have permission to use it commercially...
  10. Diretooth

    Dire's Miscellaneous Stuff

    I've been a member of the forums for a decently long amount of time, but haven't contributed much. What I've contributed were some edited game over screens, as well as some rather cruddy werewolf sprites. I've been practicing in the meantime, honing my skills, and now I think I'm ready to start...
  11. Diretooth

    Multiple simultaneous BGS?

    I was wondering if it was possible with plugins if one could have two or more BGS files playing at the same time. Let's say you want the sound effect of a waterfall playing at the same time as a campfire, with some finagling, you can have one play in BGM and the other as BGS. But then what do...
  12. Diretooth

    Zombie Status: An Anti-Healing State?

    Is there a way to create a state where if you are healed, through item or spell, you instead take damage?
  13. Diretooth

    Steam RMVXA: Failed to Create Project.

    Every time I try to make a new Ace project, the program freezes momentarily before alerting me that it failed to create a new project. If I try to dispel the alert, it goes away for a moment, then comes back. Since this prevents me from closing out of the program itself, I have to open the task...
  14. Diretooth

    Yanfly Subclass: Double Classing?

    I'm using Yanfly's plugins, and one of the plugins I'm using is the Subclass plugin. I had this idea of having multiple 'classes' based on what class is subclassed with what, and one of the ideas was doubleclassing, in essence, having, say, Knight/Knight as Defender. However, as it is now, I...
  15. Diretooth

    A question regarding similar sounding music and copyright.

    First off, I do not know where the best place to put this topic would be, so I apologize in advance to any moderators who have to move the topic for me. I appreciate what you do for the site and typically try not to make your job harder than it typically is. Second, my question is a bit of a...
  16. Diretooth

    Need to know ToS (Page in Japanese) I need to know the Terms of Service for the facesets in the provided link. Particularly, the one for the imp. This is primarily because I need an emotion faceset for that particular character, and I'm planning on commercializing the...
  17. Diretooth

    Prestige Mechanic?

    So, I had this idea while writing a story. What if you reached the max level in a game, had max stats up to 6000 (For reasons) and was given the option to restart at initial level, but with higher base stats? This concept, based on 'Prestiging' from Call of Duty, would potentially add an...
  18. Diretooth

    Failed to Create Project

    Every time I attempt to create a new project, a window shows up telling me that it failed to create a new project. If I hit 'Ok', or exit out of that window, a new one shows up in an infinite loop of close and appear, which prevents me from closing out of Ace unless I use the task manager to end...
  19. Diretooth

    What happened to GG Maker?

    I remember when it was being sold on the site, now there's little trace beyond topics regarding it. (I'm also notoriously bad at gathering information in my household.) So, what happened to it?
  20. Diretooth

    Yanfly Animated SVE help needed.

    I'm working on a game and am using Yanfly's MV plugins. However, when I try to use an actor battler as an enemy, I get this: The notetags I'm using for the battler is: <Sideview Battler: Keido> <Sideview No Collapse> <Sideview Show State Overlay> <Sideview Weapon: 21>...

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