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  1. Drawing Icons in choices

    It works! Thank you very much.
  2. Drawing Icons in choices

    It's says it's the same. Np, i'll try something else, thank you anyways !
  3. Drawing Icons in choices

    Meh, It doesn't work for me. It works well in texts but not in choices... Maybe it has something to do with YEP_MessageCore ?
  4. Drawing Icons in choices

    Hello, I would like to be able to draw icons in choices, exactly like in texts using \I[n]. Is there a plugin allowing me to do so? Thank you very much!
  5. Large events collisions

    Oh ok, thank you i'll try that when i can and tell you ! I renamed the plugin, tried differents things, such as <size h=2 w=2> or <size h=-1,1 w=-1,1>, launched a new game, but still nothing. I think trigger distance will do what I want. Thank you.
  6. Large events collisions

    Well, maybe I didn't understand this in the "Help" : " You can also specify an offset from the main event tile by using a pair of values e.g.: <size h=-1,1 w=-1,1> will result in a 3x3 entity centered on the event's location." (I forgot the minus in my event but I tried with the minus and it...
  7. Large events collisions

    Ok thank you, I would like to have a 3x3 event (144*144) Here are the screenshots asked :
  8. Large events collisions

    Thanks for replying so fast, My characters are 160*160 pixels and I don't want them to overlap when then walk so I would like the events to be larger. I don't know if it's sufficient... What is happening when I use "krues8dr plugin for MultiTileEvent" : Nothing, the game runs as usual and...
  9. Large events collisions

    Hello, I can't find a plugin allowing me to have larger events (e.g. 3 tiles high and 3 tiles width) I found krues8dr plugin for MultiTileEvent but it doesn't seem to work, or maybe I'm not using it well... Here is the plugin ...
  10. Keep pictures with message box

    Well thank you and sorry for my misunderstanding. I found an other way using Srdde HUD Maker Plugin. Thank you !
  11. Keep pictures with message box

    Hello, Sorry for my bad english, I have been searching for a plugin allowing me to keep my pictures on screen when a message appears. By default on RPG Maker MV, showing a message hides all the pictures... If there is a plugin somewhere or any other way to do that... Thank you for telling me...

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