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  1. Alessandro Arcolini


    Hi, I'm new here.... i don't really know how to introduce meself, aye. Hmmm... I've been a RPG fan since i played FF8 when i was still a mini me. Since, i explored that fabulous world of that genra. When i was 15 i started to fell in love with can make the connections right? So...

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fighting game fans might really enjoy my game battle wise, and I feel non fighting fans might learn some stuff. thanks row system. pokes, neutral, and zoning time...
This community is awesome. They helped me get my eventing processes to work. I love you all.
suspended on twitter for calling an ahole an ahole & appealing the tweet; furious at myself for being even slightly upset with my suspension: oh no, you've been temporarily banned from hell. GET OVER IT, me.
how can you download the tiles from a forum post here? HELP
That moment when you post the wrong download link to your game and wonder why it got so few downloads... :mad:

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