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    Hi everyone! I would like to share my work here. I started using Rpg Maker in 2018 and hadn't drawn pixel graphics in 10 years, but it's surprisingly fun. I'll try add new graphics, maybe not regularly, but probably at least once or twice per month. These are edits of RMMV graphics, unless I...

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"Never let a sense of morals/
Prevent me from doing what is right"
- Clutch
OMFG. I had typed \fiPhilosophia Hermetica\fi in a forum post and didn't notice it for AN HOUR.

(Anyone else ever catch themselves doing this?)
Stream will be live shortly with a guest stream! Feel free to drop by and listen to whatever weird stories we're telling~
fighting game fans might really enjoy my game battle wise, and I feel non fighting fans might learn some stuff. thanks row system. pokes, neutral, and zoning time...
This community is awesome. They helped me get my eventing processes to work. I love you all.

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