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  1. BigWhoop

    Cumulative Power Up Help

    I know he said he'll use a plugin, but I just wanted to point out that resetting it at the start of each battle is rather clever! That didn't occur to me. It's nice because like I said, I can't find a way to activate an event at the end of battle. I think it may be possible using the Immortal...
  2. BigWhoop

    Should you include humorous sidequests in a serious game?

    I think the key point here, to me, is that they are sidequests. I would make it clear that they are optional, clear that they are more lighthearted, and not pressure the player into doing them if they don't want to. Then the player can ignore them if they aren't in a mood for them, and then...
  3. BigWhoop

    Maps and Characters in different styles.

    I will say that I have toyed around with the idea of using conflicting styles. I think the only time it can be done is with two conditions: 1. You go ALL IN. Mixed styles out the wazoo. Make it a total glorious eyesore. 2. It is VERY light-hearted. No serious tales of death, betrayal, vengeance...
  4. BigWhoop

    Conditional targets

    Great! Like I said, you may be able to use this to tidy up the system. Instead of making skills heal 0 via a conditional check, simply add those skills to the list of skills that can't target people with that state. Should solve the problem rather nicely. Maybe you already did this, but wanted...
  5. BigWhoop

    Cumulative Power Up Help

    Not that guy, or an expert, but I have a solution, though it could be better. You can put an invisible event on each map (or at least each map that will have battles in it) that activates in Parallel that simply says "If SkillCount1 (to use your example) doesn't equal 0 (using the fancy symbol...
  6. BigWhoop

    Conditional targets

    Not an expert, but if you're okay with using plugins, I think this plugin should help: (Note that you need the next two plugins to use it, make sure the first one is underneath these two: and...
  7. BigWhoop

    Interesting! I'll have to check out his other videos.

    Interesting! I'll have to check out his other videos.
  8. BigWhoop

    RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    Thank you for your help! I'll stop bothering you with questions and post next when I get a chance to actually play the game, which should be tomorrow, or the weekend.
  9. BigWhoop

    Event RPG Maker 28th Birthday : Release Something Event

    What counts as a full game? I was just talking about working on a very small project, don't know how long it would take to play, but the point is that some demos would be equal length or longer. If it's its own standalone, not-expanded-upon thing, does that count as a full game? I feel like that...
  10. BigWhoop

    RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    I wasn't clear, I actually have Windows installed as a separate partition on here, so I'll just need to switch over. It's just a bit of a pain, as I have all my main programs and stuff on the Mac side, so I can't really do anything but play games or do internet stuff on the Windows side. So it's...
  11. BigWhoop

    RMVXA Legends of an Otherworld [FFX-like, high difficulty]

    I didn't watch the videos, but this looks incredible, and right up my alley! It'll be a bit of a pain to play this, as I'm on a Mac and will have to switch to Windows, but I think it will be worth it! Great job on getting such a game out there! Did you work on this by yourself, or did you have...
  12. BigWhoop

    Skill/Equip Question

    I'm still kind of a noob at JS, but I'm pretty sure you need two = in that if statement, so like this: if (user.equips()[0].atypeId == 10) { Otherwise, one = means to assign the value after it to what's before it, but that doesn't make sense in that case, so nothing happens. Hope this helps...
  13. BigWhoop

    February Goals and Progress Thread

    Still new here, but here are some (hopefully) easy goals: 1. Learn more about various plugins, get used to MV some more, think of options for classes/skills/etc that I could use in future games. I have grand plans that I'm positive would fail if I tried them now, but I still like to think long...
  14. BigWhoop

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hi, I have some big ideas, but don't know enough JS to implement them properly with Yanfly's plugins. And this may not all belong here, but I'm certain some of it does. (Mods, please forgive me if I've erred, I'm still figuring this place out). I'm going to divide the two main ideas under...
  15. BigWhoop

    Learning JS to use Yanfly's Lunatic Mode

    I have quite a few ideas in mind that require me to understand some of the formatting and intricacies of Javascript so that I can use them in various Yanfly plugins, to take advantage of the Lunatic Mode options. For example, special damage formula, skills costs, states, etc. Rather than...
  16. BigWhoop


    Hi, I'm BigWhoop. I'm fairly new to RPGMaker, I've toyed around with it some, but have yet to create anything of substance. I've been lurking on here for a bit, but I have some technical questions to ask, and want to participate in some conversations. So here I am. Games I have enjoyed...
  17. BigWhoop

    Hello World

    Hello World

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