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  1. dnel57

    Enemy Kill Quest Tutorial No Script

    This is an enemy kill quest using Variables, Item Count (by the player) and Battle Processing. This is not for random encounters. In all the enemy kill quests I have looked at, ONLY the quest giver can keep count of how many kills you have done. This way the player will know how many he has...
  2. dnel57


    Puzzle event using only Events, Switches and Conditional Branches. For this event, I made a simple shrine. You can just use a flat floor if you wish for the purpose of learning the mechanics of it and then modify it to reveal anything you want. Chest? Door? Boss? On the left hand end of the...
  3. dnel57

    How to Change your IconSet in MV

    How to Change your Icon set in MV If you would like to replace your default iconset with a different or larger one, this is how to do it.(one way, at least). First find an iconset that you would like to use. Next, download it to your pc. The file may say something like: Joe's Big Bad Iconset...
  4. dnel57

    Posting MV Tutorial?

    I have made a small tutorial for MV, but, I don't see the option to add it. Only VX, VXACE and IG.
  5. dnel57

    Key Items

    Can anyone tell me why my Key Items are showing up in my regular items when in combat? The do not show up on my item list when not in combat. Thank you.
  6. dnel57

    Switch/Event problem

    I have been all day trying to solve this. I have 2 different switch activation events that are triggered by being walked on(player touch). One of them works perfectly. One doesn't work at all. They are set up the same way. The events that they control are set up the same way. The PC is leaving a...
  7. dnel57

    Battleback question

    While searching for another topic a few months ago, I saw a suggestion by Andar about creating a transparent battleback. I would assume that, by using that, the actual game landscape, etc., would show as it is, rather than a created one? I would like some instruction as to how to accomplish...
  8. dnel57

    Lighting Urns

    I am trying to light urns from (Other2). I start with an unlit urn (bottom of Other2 page). Then, I aquire a candle to light the urns. All goes well, except, the flame on the urn toggles from amber to blue? Are they not to be used that way? I did not use any blue flame graphics. Thanks
  9. dnel57

    Poison Swamp issue.

    I have a swamp with poison water. I want the planks and the ground to appear "slippery". That just means you can walk on and off the ground or the planks into the poison water and back out, getting damage only in the water. The problem is that I get poisoned on the planks, too. I only have...
  10. dnel57

    MV RTP

    Is the MV RTP included in MV the game files? Can't find an RTP download for it, anywhere. Thanks
  11. dnel57

    Autorun Opening Event

    I am, hopefully, opening a game with an autorun event. A ship sails away(off the screen) while the pc is visible. Then, I would like the pc to have a few lines. I see you can't create an event with a pc, other than forcing the pc to a certain tile. Is there another way to implement this. Thanks
  12. dnel57

    No Two Tile High Doorway

    Just wondering if anyone knows why there is no two tile high clear black doorway for two tile high doors.If you stack two single doorways, there is a bar in the center. Thanks
  13. dnel57

    Repeat Switched Action?

    I have a ladder against a building. It leads to a closed (barred) window. I made switches so, that , when I get to the top of the ladder, the window opens (no bars) and then, a transfer player command takes the player inside of the building.I can then, walk around the building and then come...
  14. dnel57

    Game download count?

    Just a game submission question. I submitted a game and have had 220 views. How do I know if anyone actually downloads the game? Thanks
  15. dnel57

    Different Level Bosses/Random Order??

    Not sure how to label the title. The game I am planning out,is to be a large,free roaming game. There will be eight required dungeons (bosses) during the largest part of the of the game. They will be scattered throughout the "world" What I would like to ask: is there a way to script,use...
  16. dnel57

    RMVXA Princess' Quest and the Royal Secret

    New updated version is done. Many changes. Random encounters now on four of the islands and some new troops added, Mapping has been gone over and corrections made. Punctuation has been done over. There is one new Boss in the game. Towns have been somewhat condensed and made smaller. Castle...
  17. dnel57

    How to "pack up"and upload a game

    I have looked all over the web for info on how to "pack up"and upload a game. All I find are the rules for submission and little, if anything, else. My game should only be about 8mb or so. I deleted all my saves. I updated,compressed,encrypted and added rtp. The finished product is 192mb? I...
  18. dnel57

    Site password problems

    Not sure if this is the proper place for this,but,I see nothing closer. This site never "remembers" my password. I had changed it at one point and,now,every time I log in,it says my password is invalid. So,I have to reenter my password.When the update password box comes up,I check "update"...
  19. dnel57

    Clear Saves before Submitting??

    My game is ready to submit,but,many of the save slots are used. I remember downloading a game that had the old saves in it. I would not like it to go that way. Or,is this normal for an indie game? An old forum mentions a script,but,I can't and won't necropost. Thanks ps: I have not used scripts...
  20. dnel57

    Game Submission Question

    Is there a way to keep my game unencrypted in my folder and still encrypt it when I submit it? Or is there a way to make an unencrypted copy of the entire project? Thanks. I was thinking maybe in my  document vxace file?

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