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  1. Guard skill not working or not removing.

    I am using the CTB system by Yanfly. When I use the guard command the effect will either A: Show up on the characters name for a moment and disappear before they get attacked, making it pointless. or B: Put the actor in an infinite guard state that never ends. I've been trying "turn end" or...
  2. Enemies not getting turns, not attacking, CTB system.

    For some reason now enemies never get a turn in combat. The Player is always put to the front of the turn order and the enemies never do anything but take damage and die. I've been trying turning off plug ins and saving and doing another battle test but I haven't found the issue. If anyone else...
  3. Enemy equipment and animations

    When I have an enemy troop or battler that is supposed to have certain armor or weapons equipped, is there any way to actually do this? What is the point of choosing "equip sword" when I cannot choose a specific sword in that category? Since I have to choose their base stats and can't just put...
  4. Requests for a Tactical Turn Based Battle System (Example: Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, Shining Force)

    Hello!  I'm really hoping for a tactical turn based battle system plugin. The idea behind this is actually tabletop rpgs like Pathfinder and D&D, where moving around and positioning on the battlefield and using non combat actions is still a significant part of the fight, and there are several...

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tfw, after your game being intensively played by many people, after 5 years, patch after patch released, suddenly an innocent person reported another bug.
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