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  1. March Goals and Progress Thread

    @Chiara in 3 days I'll have both templates rigged. I hired a group to do it, and so far pretty cool progress. But yeah, I'm going to be having loads of reference images ... although I find it odd that so many "different" expressions are so close to one another. Thanks for the words of...
  2. March Goals and Progress Thread

    @Marquise* Hope everything goes well for you and your kittens.
  3. Not sure where to post this Music Q.

    Should probably add that I have an ASUS (and use Windows). Never really got into Macs.
  4. March Goals and Progress Thread

    So last month was a bit of a mess. But I finally got the chara. models made and working on hiring riggers (since I'm autistic and don't get facial expressions. Me trying to rig a working face automatically brings for the thought "wow ... faces don't work that way.") But yeah. Slowly but surely...
  5. Not sure where to post this Music Q.

    @aegisninja Thanks for all that info ... yeah I was originally thinking that the mini cord loops (like the few repeating bars of music) since they aren't an actual melody just a riff or two, and I'd have the place them to make music. Would be mine ... sucks that it isn't though. I'll probably...
  6. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    Sweet! Thanks for the info ^_^, and sounds like it could be rather useful ^_^.
  7. Cosmic Tree WIP:

    Who needs sleep when you can create? Lol. Seriously though, that sounds pretty cool.
  8. Cosmic Tree WIP: That's basically my thinking strategy when developing something new from scratch. Each Month has it's own sign. And each sign is further broken up to 3 per Season. Took me about 3 to 4 days to...
  9. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    Yep. I just started making back ups of everything the second I get started on something (both One Drive and Flash Drives), and all my written stuff rather than notebooks is on GDoc ... should probably back up my GDoc stuff as well. But yeah, redundant copies are better than one back up...
  10. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    I previously was using my lap, but I moved recently to a laptop desk from Best Buy. Hopefully that works better than a lap. But I usually lie at an angle, and rest it between the lap and my stomach. Well I did prior to the desk (the kind you place on the lap). Thanks ^_^. I'm hoping that this...
  11. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    Yeah if this baby dies like the others I might just do that. And yep, it is exactly like a game dev horror movie.
  12. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    Sorry. Originally, it fit general discussion since it was about my game development, and the horrible luck I get everytime I've tried making a game in the system. But I guess it does both fit here as well, and did get off topic in the end. Edit: And it can be kind of hard to place things at...
  13. Not sure where to post this Music Q.

    Sweet! Again, thank you for the info and the help. It's greatly appreciated.
  14. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    It is. And honestly the fans work well, fresh out of the box. But I won't know for sure until I stress test the heck out of it in a few days via tons of rendering / 3d modeling; massive downloads; and going back and forth like One Punch Man doing Consecutive Side Steps between RPG Maker MV...
  15. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    I have at least started writing things down on GDocs. So not a total wash like the last few dozen times, and funny thing was that before the first mother board crash, I had bought a flash drive to back everything up. It was none of the USB ports that had me turn it in yesterday (thinking it was...
  16. Gah! The Creator Curse Strikes AGAIN!!!

    So ended up dumping 1,728 USD into a new laptop. Since the laptop I had for not even a year catastrophically died ... again ... after having it for less than 5 days after it's last catastrophic death. And like the last time, which took 3 weeks to fix. It was the mother board, which they just...
  17. Not sure where to post this Music Q.

    So the loops that come with Acid Studios aren't Royalty Free, and I won't be able to use them? Or is the base package allowed for production? But yeah, thought about Creative Commons and Public Domain ... but I honestly feel like with my luck I'd stumble upon a site that's not exactly legal and...
  18. Not sure where to post this Music Q.

    There was ACID Studios 10 in Steam, with mixed reviews. But it wasn't to expensive. So I'll try that out. Mostly was asking about Steam since I'm tight on money, but have a Game Stop Credit Card (which I got a Steam Gift Card with). So that'll work out perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion ^_^.
  19. Not sure where to post this Music Q.

    You are right in my skill is rather low. I mean I have a good ear in music placement, and if I have sounds to work with I can arrange them to sound good. But I have a massive inability to play any actual instruments. Which is why a good drag and drop premade selections would work best for me...
  20. So I got to thinking: There are 4 Seasons (4 Kingdoms): Each Season has either a Solstice or...

    So I got to thinking: There are 4 Seasons (4 Kingdoms): Each Season has either a Solstice or Equinox, and a Cross Quarter Day (a total of 8 Courts, 2 Courts per Kingdom, and each Court tied to one of the games main Elements). And 3 Zodiac Houses per Season (a Waxing, a Prominent, and a...

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