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  1. Dvor-ak

    RMMV Álom | DEMO V.01 - Four effects and two memories available!

    "There's no one left, is it?" DEMO V.01 AVAILABLE ON ITCH.IO You can explore the dream worlds, find four effects and two memories A game with big references to Yume Nikki and Mother/Earthbound, based on a dream diary I'm currently writing. This is a very personal project for me, but I'm also...
  2. Dvor-ak

    Dvor-ak Pixel Arts

    Hello guys, long time no see! I spent almost all of 2018 without making a single art, and now I've returned to do sprites and things like that. I also do commissions if anyone is interested. My Facebook page: Commissions:
  3. Dvor-ak

    An Over the Garden Wall fangame

    Hi guys! I started working on an Over the Garden Wall fangame, based on the Cartoon Network minisseries (it's beautiful, if you didn't watch it, go RIGHT NOW). Just wanted to show you the aesthetics so far, I'm still working on world building, writing and overall base of the project, so I...
  4. Dvor-ak

    Hello guys!

    New to this forum, old on the RPG Maker community. I'm not very much into the international scene of RPG Maker, only on the brazilian community, but since their better days are long gone, I've decided to come here. Projects Completed: O Artefato Relido (The Artifact: Reloaded), Taut (Brazilian...
  5. Dvor-ak

    My Pixel Arts

    Hi guys, first post on this forum! Here's some pixel arts I made. More on my Deviantart:

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