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  1. Joporai124

    Faceset Needed for my sage

    Hey peeps I need someone to make a face set for My sage. I have spent ages looking through the workshops but couldn't find anyone that does custom Face sets, if someone could do this for me I would be eternally grateful. :)
  2. Joporai124

    Tales Of Valor: Fallen Goddess

    Story: Alex is chilling in the forest where he lives laying on his back watching the stars when all of a sudden he see something that looks like a shooting star. However he soon realises it is something else. He realises it is not a shooting star it is in fact a girl with blonde hair. he sees...
  3. Joporai124

    VE - Fixed Parallax

    I have installed this script but it still doesn't let you move on the map so how would I go about doing that?
  4. Joporai124

    Need a down sprite done

    Ok so here's the problem in the project I am currently working on a certain character falls from the sky this characters et is in the attachment. So basicly I need a down version of this sprite any help would be appreciated.
  5. Joporai124

    Eventing A Falling Character

    Hey everyone I need some help. I'm currently making a project where one of the characters is falling from the Sky unconsious and I was wondering if any one can suggest the most effective way of eventing this. Any help would be awesome and appreciated. :)
  6. Joporai124

    Need Emotions For Face Graphic

    Hey guys hows it going. I need Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused and Surprised Emotions for this Face Set please.
  7. Joporai124

    Using RM XP on Windows 7

    I was wondering is it possible to get RPG Maker XP to work on windows 7 as I would like to use it but am running Windows 7 OS.
  8. Joporai124

    Variable Help

    OK so here's the down low. I've gone through several tutorials on Variables (even Celiana's Beginners guide to variables) but I still don't understand how to use them can someone help me please.
  9. Joporai124

    Link Without His Green Costume.

    I'm looking for someone to make an edit of link without his green outfit so he is just wearing normal clothes. the chara set of link I have is this one in the attachment. Credit goes to MasterIckolas from RPG Revolution for making this character set. Edit: if it is possible to can who...
  10. Joporai124

    The Legend of Zelda: Fallen Goddess

    I am working on a game called The Legend of Zelda: Fallen Goddess and am looking for talented people to help me. Story: link is chilling in the forest where he lives laying on his back watching the stars when all of a sudden he see something that looks like a shooting star. However he soon...
  11. Joporai124

    Tile Size

    Ok I have no Idea where to put this so if it's in the wrong Place please move it. ok so if I wanted to make a TV tile for a Tile set what would be the best dimensions to use?
  12. Joporai124

    Zelda Style Battle System

    Hello RPG Maker VX Acers. I am wondering if anyone can either make or point me in the direction of a Script that enables a Battle System like the one in The Legend Of Zelda Series Please. :D
  13. Joporai124

    Paralax Tiles: How to use them

    Hey dudes/dudets I've been with the rm series since xp and keep hearing lots about Paralax Mapping but how exactly are you suppose to use paralax tiles I haven't found anywhere where it explains how to use them and I am curious as I here its better to use. so can anybody help me please. :)
  14. Joporai124

    Icon Sets for RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hello my fellow VX Ace users I am looking for Icon sets for RPG Maker VX Ace and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, or create some custom ones for me as it would be much appreciated. Peace. :)
  15. Joporai124

    New look, faces!

    Well done dude. Party on!
  16. Joporai124

    Rei&Hyde's Workshop

    Is the workshop still closed?
  17. Joporai124

    Any Suggestion as where to get voice overs from

    I'm a newbie to the forum and I hope I tagged this right if not please explain. Any how I was wondering if anybody knows a good way/place to get a voice over from e.g a person who will say the background of my game and save it as a audio file. as I have no idea where to go for one. Can...
  18. Joporai124

    RGangsta's Title and Game Over Center

    Awesome Titles/Game Overs as usual bro keep 'em coming. peace

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