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  1. Kristoffer

    Hi, I am so new I cant find anything, but I love this site!

    Hi. So I a have never really been a part of a forum community before. I am also not very good at computers in general, yet I love RPG maker so much! I love to get some help navigating around, helping me find the answers to the most basic RPG maker questions that I dont know, but are trying to...
  2. Kristoffer

    How to move Maps in your Maps Tree

    I have a follow up question: I cant seem to create a new "over map" called Chapter 1, (So I dont have to see all the seperate levels, buidings insides and so on. But whatever I do, it just wont be the first map. Is there another way to manually switch places between the maps without dragging them?
  3. Kristoffer

    How do I make enemies appear mid-battle, I cant navigate well enough here to find it XD

    How do I make enemies appear mid-battle, I cant navigate well enough here to find it XD
  4. Kristoffer

    More monsters?

    Hey, I am very new to the whole RPG maker thing, is it possible to get more monsters sprites, without having to pay for them?
  5. Kristoffer

    only 1 hp in Dungeon?!

    Thanks! It was just a parallel trap, I dident quite understand, but now I fixed it :)
  6. Kristoffer

    only 1 hp in Dungeon?!

  7. Kristoffer

    only 1 hp in Dungeon?!

    Everything went just fine, I had a good game, then suddenly I only have 1 hp in the dungeon. At any other map the character has full HP, but when I enter the dungeon, HP is 1, and I can heal or use potions, but then it instantly drop down to 1 again. Why? And how do I fix this? (I have...

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