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  1. TiLu640

    Pre order

    I just realized the new Maker MV was released and missed being able to pre order it.  :( Is it still possible to get the bonuses for pre ordering??
  2. TiLu640


    Hi, the special "behaviors" animations, how do I get those to work properly? For example, the person reading the book.
  3. TiLu640

    Lack of battles

    What do you guys think of a game with no battles, it's more like a visual/interactive novel?
  4. TiLu640

    Item icons?

    How do I expand my list of Item icons?  Past the basic ones that come with the program? Do I import new ones in a particular file or something?
  5. TiLu640


    How do you make a kill x monster quest? PLEASE EXPLAIN. I need more that just "variables" for an answer.
  6. TiLu640


    Why are they so hard to make?! I just want to kill x number of monsters and get a reward.... Also want to make a quest where you return x number of trophies.  How do?!  Plz help....  :/
  7. TiLu640

    pokemon escape rope?

    How do I make an item like the "escape rope" in pokemon.  If you're in a dungeon you just use it and go to the entrance.
  8. TiLu640

    map effects

    How do I make status effects on a specific map?  Like debuffs on enter and return to normal on leave?
  9. TiLu640

    End game?

    Is there a way to change the end game/you died screen? I want it to say something other than "game over" and hopefully change the image too.
  10. TiLu640


    How do I find out how many pixels the map is?? Like, I'm working in GIMP 2 and I'm trying to do some editing on one of my maps and it's asking pixel width and height.. for example my map is 25x20...I have no idea...plz help?!
  11. TiLu640

    X and Y

    How do you set the x and y variables for a picture to 0?
  12. TiLu640


    Hello!  :D I was wondering about credit at the end of the game, do you credit for the engine used? And if you buy resources from the store do you give credit then?  I have no problem with giving credit where it's due and love when people make something! I totally understand giving credit for...

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