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  1. Ven

    [VX/ACE] Set of Kaduki Battler Sprites for one character

    Hello, could someone please make me kaduki-style battler sprites for this character. :)   Template:
  2. Ven

    Simple Graphic Change Script ^^

    Hello everyone, I am using Yanfly's Battle engine and I was wondering how I could replace the window battle status with a image (to replace the windowbox graphic thing? o3o I want to use my own images instead of the boring windowskin! x3 Woops forgot to put the script here, haha...
  3. Ven

    Display item number in window box?

    Let's say I'm making a quest and the hero needs to find 4 mushrooms for this NPC. And the NPC will say "I see you have [X] amount of mushrooms, I'm sorry but I need 4 mushrooms". I was wondering how to display the amount of mushrooms (that is currently owned from the inventory) in text? Like...
  4. Ven

    Yanfly's Skill Cost Error

    Hi everyone! i'm using Yanfly's skill cost script and I've been getting a weird error everytime i enter the skill screen in battle (containing the skill with the special skill cost)...
  5. Ven

    Menu Music for Mog's CBS?

    I've tried using many scripts that changes the BGM once the player has entered the menu system. But when I try it with MogHunter's CBS, nothing seems to happen (I guess it's a compatibility problem?) So on the other hand, I've decided to create the command on my own.  alias...
  6. Ven

    Creating a teleport animation?

    i was just wondering if there was a smooth way of using a mix of animations and transferring the player to mimic a "warp" scene to another area (on the same map.) When I tried making my own event for that, the character appeared 'roughly' (Can't explain it well, sorry!) This is my current...
  7. Ven

    ✦Remnants of Excalia✦

        Game Summary: Realm of Oblivion and Realm of Paradise; as the two collide, the world lived by humans is doomed to enter a paradox of darkness & light. This fusion cannot be fallen on humans and therefore the Excalia is sliced off the lives- turning each soul into stone. Those who are able...
  8. Ven

    And he walks, creeping in silently.

    Yo. >.> I'm Ven!~ I'm new to the forums, and just joined today! (No, really?) xD I'm a graphic designer and also a video editor... yeah... & now I'm not sure what else to say LOL I'M SORRY THIS IS SUCH A WEIRD POST....... But- I hope I can meet many new friends here and have loads of fun...

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