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  1. Sarah_yt

    Triacontane's Database Conversion

    Hi all, Has anyone tried Triacontane's Database Conversion plugin? It is meant to allow you to export the database into excel/ods/csv and then import it again with any changes you've made. (found via...
  2. Sarah_yt

    Sarah's RTP edits & Looseleaf clothes sprites

    VX Ace Edits. For doodads, visit and search through the 'resources' tag. Latest item: More signs (glass and ice) - 7 February 2018 Doodads available at
  3. Sarah_yt

    Sarah's OCs

    Hey guys, I've been around the forums for awhile but am only now really becoming active, rather than just lurking ^_^ I'm working on a game where the story itself is like a typical fantasy RPG but where the characters inspired by Australian animals, mainly focusing on avian (e.g. Wedge tailed...
  4. Sarah_yt


    Hello RPG Forumites, I've been a member for awhile but never got around to introducing myself. But I've gained so much from even just lurking around the forums that it seemed fair to chime in and help even in tiny little ways. I'm working on a game in MV - got the battle system, items...
  5. Sarah_yt

    Hiding Skills - Yanfly plugin

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a skill tree system where you start with a base skill, with several chances to upgrade as the game progresses. Each time you upgrade, you get two choices on how to upgrade it but choosing one will block off the other path. E.g. Skill 20 = base Skill 21 = 1st...
  6. Sarah_yt

    Variables and switches in the database

    Description of the Feature: This would add another two tabs to the database where you can see and change the names of variables and switches while in the database. Why is this feature good? It's a bit annoying to have to exit the database to create an event to see what number a specific...
  7. Sarah_yt

    [Suggestion] Export/Import Database

    Hi~ I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I saw this section advertised on the facebook page and decided to share a wish I've had for RPGMaker for awhile... Description of the Feature: This feature would allow the database to be exported and imported in a common editable file (e.g...
  8. Sarah_yt

    Help with sub menus

    Hi guys, I'm trying to customise my menu a bit, and was wanting to move some of the items that show up in Main Menu under another item - effectively creating a sub-menu. Specifically, I'm using Yanfly's Main Menu Manager, Party System and Row Formation plugins. I want to move the Row option...
  9. Sarah_yt

    Removing MDF and MAT from Stats/Equip menu

    Firstly, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this question so sorry in advance if it isn't. I'm trying to remove MDF and MAT from appearing in my game, as I'm repurposing MP for something else and MDF and MAT will make no impact on the fighting mechanics. I can't figure out how to...

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