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  1. StarkinGyra

    Stat Point System

    So I have been looking and I am just not finding my answer. I am looking see if there is a way to have the player assign points to stats when a character levels up.  This idea just came to me and I figure I could see if anyone has had the same idea. Maybe even let me know how it turned out...
  2. StarkinGyra

    The Order

    So I just beat the Order for the PS 4. I know the game has gotten a lot about being a short game, but that is now why I am here. I am wondering what people have thought about the story of the game. I have to say I very much enjoyed playing the game and the story. While not giving away anything...
  3. StarkinGyra

    Question about the Luna Engine

    I have been looking at the Luna Engine and would like some input on what people think about it. I have only just seen it and not sure if I should get it. Can anyone give me there impression? Is it something I can hold off on? I have RPG VX Ace and will Luna be helpful? Thanks.
  4. StarkinGyra

    Gaining EXP

    I have been tinking with an idea of how best to give EXP to characters. Besides the normal way after combat, I have thought about making areas the player will venture through. At the end they get EXP based on that area. I think it would mean breaking up a lot of areas into smaller parts. I want...

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