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  1. Insidious Mental Pollution

    Worst Game Twists Ever

    Doing some story plotting on my current RPG Maker project, and my mind wandered back to some game twists that really annoyed the crap out of me. Off the top of my head, one of the most unnecessary was in Final Fantasy X, when... So what about you?  What game twisted in a way that was just...
  2. Insidious Mental Pollution

    How do you like your tacos?

    Personally, made with steak.  Nummy.  With that said... I've been working on and off with RPGMaker VX and, when it was released, Ace.  Posted a few times, but really haven't had much involvement in the community, and looking to start doing that now that I'm taking development a bit more...

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I have an idea, I am making low polygon 3D resources for a package in itch. but it occurred to me that I could export these as images and make MV / MZ compatible tilesets. What do you think of this?
I hate seeing threads where less-experienced user's ask for an opinion of their project, and the thread is full of negative feedback by others who are clearly not the target audience. I feel bad for the OP, and I hope they understand that no game can appeal to everyone. :frown:
Hm, just found out I can't use loops, yay.
I just wanna Covid to be over and I have my normal life back... Feeling so bad these days, what can I do?

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