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  1. Laptopdancer

    Puppy / Full grown dog Sprite request.

    Can someone create a black Pomeranian breed puppy and full grown dog sprite? I need regular walking, sitting and wagging tail, laying down / rolling over, and jumping up by hind legs sprite sheets.  I would prefer no collar on the puppy or dog as well.  :)
  2. Laptopdancer

    ATS Choice Options Questions

    I am using the full ATS suite. (Choice Options, Face Options, Message Options, Formatting, and Special Message Codes) My problems are as follows: 1) I don't understand how to make the choices window to show BELOW the Face and Message window. Is that not a possibility? I guess it would push the...
  3. Laptopdancer

    Large Choices - One Window

    Oh boy! So... I was advised to put this here. I am guessing there isn't one, but, I am looking for a choice script that allows for Kentucky Route Zero "like" conversation in VXAce. For those who haven't played it Kentucky Route Zero is a choose your own story type game with many dialogue...
  4. Laptopdancer

    Cultural - Reference - Encyclopedia Script

    :rock-left:  Hey everyone  :rock-right: So it has become evident I cannot give enough cultural reference for the dialog of my characters through conversation and narration alone.  ;_; I am looking for a script that will highlight text as it's typed in dialog boxes with tags. The text files...
  5. Laptopdancer

    I need 7 Full colour characters from the knee up for Estriole's Living Status.

    This is a link to the script I am using. There are 7 main characters in my game. The first step for me are these from the knee up. I'm hoping someone with skill that looks like painting can help me out. These...
  6. Laptopdancer

    Mahjong Minigame for commercial game

    I'm looking for a timed Mahjong mini-game like many online. It would be based on how many matches you make within a certain time period. If you bet 100 then the time period is 60 seconds (easy) if you bet 500 then 30 seconds (harder) if you bet 1000 then 10 seconds (hardest) etc The tiles need...
  7. Laptopdancer

    Duplicate Occurrences of a script?

    Im using DiamondPlatinum3's script Common Event: Menu Option... And it's great. I creates a main menu option that you can call a common event from by selecting it in the menu. Very...
  8. Laptopdancer

    Cannot create any more events.

    I have a mongo large overworld map. I know I know. But i started making my game right out of the box before i knew what i was doing... Still don't totally... but anyhow, I can't find a event limit breaker, Woratana's database breaker doesn't do anything to event limits. so i guess im wondering...
  9. Laptopdancer


    I love this script but despite my many attempts to modify it or move it around it crashes my game every time with no error code... Anybody know of something else that does maps and battle? I've looked all over the place :-(
  10. Laptopdancer

    Save/Load Background Image

    I'm looking for a small string of code that I can add to the scene_save, scene_load script sections. Or something if that's even possible. If not I'd like a script that can let me designate a background for those windows. BD  I found a script that did that but added a bunch of stuff i hated. So...
  11. Laptopdancer

    Cycling Hue Screen Tint

    I'm using Tsukihime's Event Trigger Labels. I have seven items that open the key item window and when selected in front of the correct event activate a control switch (swaps an event to that position) and adds a value of 1 to a variable seven times. I have another event with a conditional...
  12. Laptopdancer

    Name Error Occurred - Unidentified Constant?

    I keep getting that message for a number of scripts when I try to add them, so far Tsukihime's Monster Hunter, Tsukihime's Mana Sheild and Tsukihime's Level Down scripts,  I am running a lot of scripts but even in a blank project the same issue occurs. Can anyone explain or help?
  13. Laptopdancer

    Moghunter Touhou Map Name (v1.3) Mod?

    I'm using VXACE and would like the Map Name script to display the title of each map all at once instead of drawing every letter singly and taking forever... Is this possible?
  14. Laptopdancer

    Falcao Interactive system 2.0 Jump / passable tile problem.

    I'm out of ideas... I'm using FA 2.0 and when I enable jump on any map it doesn't restrict movement with terrain tags, or pay attention to passage rules. I tried blank same as character level events and even programmed them to repulse the character when touched but you jump right onto the tile...
  15. Laptopdancer

    Yanfly Engine Ace / Yami Engine Symphony Mod?

    I'm using VX ACE...And though I love the front view turn based battle system, everyone on here says its bunk.  And so I'm wondering if anyone can modify Yanfly Engine Ace. The creator is fine with that and even with commercial games modifying it as long as credits are given. We are very vigilant...

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