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  1. Cunechan

    How to Make an Event Work with Airship?

    Fortunately there's a conditional branch option for that! Can you trigger an event normally as an airship? If not you can save your coordinates via two variables (an x and a y) and then make a parallel process to check if you're in the spot where the entrance to the dungeon should be. Then...
  2. Cunechan

    RMVXA Farming Simulator Engine Prototype

    This entire thing is awesome! How come no one ever replied to your thread? Just found it now on accident, and hell I wish I had found what you made like five years ago! I just looked into it a little bit and I'll edit my post in case I'll get enough time to play around so I can give you more...
  3. Cunechan

    please DONT. Just think of story of seasons, you play one ro two hours of tutorial till you get...

    please DONT. Just think of story of seasons, you play one ro two hours of tutorial till you get to the actual game. Nowadays people tend to explain every obvious bullshit with tutorials, youre supposed to design the game so its obvious what you have to do. I cant stand the modern tutorials in...
  4. Cunechan

    Games that give you that warm feeling

    The old Harvest Moon series definitely, they're similar to stardew Valley.
  5. Cunechan

    The Self Data Suite support thread

    Thank you so much @Paelous . It is an amazing script and helps a bunch, I tried a few other things but it didn't work out, this is really helping others and me out a lot. Its okay if the OP doesnt come back, I am really thankful that we are still allowed to use it since it's a huge help anyway...
  6. Cunechan

    Night and Day Cycle with an event

    When you turn on the A switch it switches to the next event page eventually? maybe try putting the self switch A = on at the end, after the conditional branch?
  7. Cunechan

    Do you finish a game before starting a new one?

    I personally try to get my unfinished game to demo status before working on a new one lol. But it's really hard to have an idea and concept convincing enough to oneself to keep working on it for a very long period. I know quite a few people who have about 10 game ideas and are working on 3 of...
  8. Cunechan

    { aqua's resource dump }

    @micro_ it's not allowed for commercial use sadly
  9. Cunechan

    [MUSIC] Benjamin Kuli's Resource Centre

    aah i have to say i'm in love with your pieces ♥ good job and thanks a whole lot for sharing those~!
  10. Cunechan

    [Tools] Anti RGSS Decrypter

    The link is gone, just a question, does anyone have an alternative for this? I'd really need it especially since I've been dealing with people lately who decrypt games to steal resources, thanks a lot
  11. Cunechan

    ive never seen nor watched CCS, but I love CLAMP's work and damn TRC is my favorite manga in all...

    ive never seen nor watched CCS, but I love CLAMP's work and damn TRC is my favorite manga in all time ♥ I should actually read or watch it sometime, it'll be worth it
  12. Cunechan

    i love your profile picture!

    i love your profile picture!
  13. Cunechan

    Walking through a wall.

    place another empty tile of which youve checked the passability to be x above ^^ oh wait, its mv right? better use two empty tiles and put them above, im not sure how the build in overlay mapping handles this
  14. Cunechan

    Walking through a wall.

    it might be some empty tile that is passable and you might have placed it on the wall?
  15. Cunechan

    RMMV Warriors & Witches (html game, no download required)

    aah the game just crashed when I wanted to save it reads "security error: failed to read the "local storage" property from "windows": access is denied for this document"
  16. Cunechan

    RMVXA INTO THE AETHER Demo (Version 2.0 released!)

    Downloaded ^^! This one looks promising so far, I mean it looks super cute and I appreciate all the effort put into it, thanks for sharing it.
  17. Cunechan


  18. Cunechan

    Usage of terms like 'hell' in non-Christian worlds

    they don't even have to talk in old english (or any other language), but the dev should prevent expressions that are typical for our modern time. It doesn't even have to be the exact kind of language they are supposed to speak, the player should still understand. But sometimes it gives a special...
  19. Cunechan

    Usage of terms like 'hell' in non-Christian worlds

    Wwhale, there's quite some thing called world building and it really makes me cringe sometime when people act or talk 'out of their time'. Knights don't say, imagine it with some extreme accent "yo cool cat, wanna get wasted n pick up some chickz ?" (I have no idea how people talk, but you know...
  20. Cunechan

    Can you help me find a game? (Camelia)

    Ohh I see, I'm sorry D: I've seen some other reblogs of that post, it seems to be the only download link at the time, but even the mac version doesn't work (it says permission denied), so I'm assuming the English version was kind of closed to public? The only thing that works is the fix wow =_=...

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