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    Hello there~

    Hello~ I figured I should post an introduction as excuse for lurking around for years. I'm Cunechan, 16 years old and from Germany. I've been using several rpg maker engines in the past years and decided that vx ace is my favorite. Was working a lot with mv for a period of time but went back...

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hmm... I just solved one of the more annoying sideview battler problems in MV.. Passive States and Visual States can make it so when your character is in crisis HP, they don't go back to normal walk/wait when it's their turn. they stay in the crisis motion... neat.
Apparently all of LGBT reddit hates me. I posted a simple question and only got hate mail. What's the deal? The doompost was literally 6 months ago and I've changed my views since then and apologized.
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Amazing. Simply amazing...

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Hello, comrades, do you have a pack of modern or student clothes? i need for my project: 3

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