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  1. Hikitsune-Red

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Um...It is...Twice...(Or at the very least once on its page, but twice if you realized you should read instructions) Once on Yanfly's Plug-In list at the very top in red letters, and a second time in every video where Yanfly says where to place it... EDIT: Oh, it is also mentioned on every...
  2. Hikitsune-Red

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Ah, yes. I know how to fix that. That's just a mathematical oversight on my part and an easy fix. I will put a fix on this as well. Hmm...I'll have to see if there's a way for me to make this work, but no guarantees. I would like to do these, but again, my RMMV-based JavaScript...
  3. Hikitsune-Red

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Both bugs have been fixed, you can get the new version at the same link.
  4. Hikitsune-Red

    Yanfly Engine Core/ Terrax Lighting Screen Resolution Issues

    It looks like you're using his Pixi3 version. Unless you have not updated RMMV, you should be using his regular version. The latest version of RMMV uses Pixi4 and that may be causing some issues since you're trying to use the Pixi3 one.
  5. Hikitsune-Red

    Jackkel's Persistent Switches

    Hey, @Zephyrim, I'm going to point you to Yanfly's Plug-In list first. I happened to pass this thread and noticed your post here, but before you start investigating what may be wrong with this Plug-In, it would be beneficial for you to first fix your Plug-In order with Yanfly's things...
  6. Hikitsune-Red

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Hmm... I will take a look at that to see if I can fix that. Again, I'm not a JavaScript guy, so I knew there was bound to be a bug or two XD Glad I could help.
  7. Hikitsune-Red

    Hikitsune-Red's Tiny But Useful Plug-Ins - NEW: A PH_Warehouse Edit = ^~^ =

    Update! My PH_Warehouse edit has been updated to allow users to input a list of ids and have a random item from that list added, with a random quantity as well.
  8. Hikitsune-Red

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    I have added in the ability to have a random list of ids and a random quantity. You can get the revised version here:
  9. Hikitsune-Red

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    A really easy way to do this is to utilize a series of conditional branches and random variables. ◆Plugin Command:PHWarehouse create <Mine Lamp Chest:5> ◆Plugin Command:PHWarehouse rename <Mine Lamp Chest:Chest> ◆Control Variables:#0201 NumItems = Random 1..5 ◆Loop ◆If:NumItems = 0...
  10. Hikitsune-Red

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Please follow Yanfly's Bug-Reporting steps. This helps Yanfly sift through problems caused by user-error quicker. First off, there is (to my knowledge) no Lunatic Code for Equip Skill Tiers... However, that being said, you can - I believe - just add this notetag to a skill: <Skill...
  11. Hikitsune-Red

    Yanfly event chase player seeing through walls

    This question has been asked a few times before. Yanfly's Plug-In is designed for proximity, and not true line of sight. There are a few too many variables at play for Yanfly to create a Plug-In that uses actual LoS. So, walls will do nothing to stop an event seeing you. The "seePlayer"...
  12. Hikitsune-Red

    Actors Friendship System

    Use the following as the main bind for a new command: function() { SceneManager.push(Scene_ActorsFriendship) }
  13. Hikitsune-Red

    Hikitsune-Red's Tiny But Useful Plug-Ins - NEW: A PH_Warehouse Edit = ^~^ =

    Update! My PH_Warehouse edit has been posted on the main post, allowing for a different display name in-game than the name of the 'warehouse' in-editor.
  14. Hikitsune-Red

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    I know this is an old request, and one that PrimeHover said he'd get to, but seeing as it hasn't happened, and I needed it myself, I have forked his GitHub project and added in simple renaming functionality. Until my pull request is responded to, you can find the change here...
  15. Hikitsune-Red

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    What sounds to be happening here is an issue caused by the event fast-forwarding feature in RMMV (I think it only applies to playtesting, but don't quote me on that). When an event is in motion - in this case, when a region tile is stepped on - if the action button (left mouse button, 'z', et...
  16. Hikitsune-Red

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Firstly, please fill out a complete bug report, otherwise, Yanfly WILL NOT read it. Secondly, I don't have this issue, and I am running Win10. Perhaps you have some background program running that is taking up memory or disk read/write that is causing a slow run. I'm not saying it is...

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