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  1. Ocedic

    Weird Chrome popup when launching game

    This seems like a longshot but figured I'd ask for help here. I've been working on a new project and getting my scripts set up. I'm using Yanfly's scripts but for some inexplicable reason when I playtest now this weird Chrome thing pops up. I tested in deployment and it seems to happen there as...
  2. Ocedic

    Anyone still alive?

    Anyone still alive?
  3. Ocedic

    RTP Style/Edit Portrait Request for Mack Sprite

    Hello! I'm currently looking for an RTP-style portrait of an NPC in four different colors (for a bit of NPC variety.) Here are the four variations: Basically blond, dark brown, red and chestnut. Here's an example that a friend made for the smaller boy NPC: The colors would be preferably...
  4. Ocedic

    Time Mechanic

    Day/Night adds life to your game, but it can also be distracting and feel superfluous if it's just added as an afterthought. I felt the N64 Zelda games did a great job of implementing day/night, especially since time played an important part in the game's story/gameplay.
  5. Ocedic

    But your pinned threads are the best.

    But your pinned threads are the best.
  6. Ocedic

    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    Hey Shaz, in regards to the following change in the changelog: I'm using an older version (one where the script is still is still in separate parts) and due to having made some modifications, it'd be simpler for me not to update the script and redo them. I was wondering if you could direct me...
  7. Ocedic

    Because you've never missed a line of dialogue from a TV show, movie or game? Calm down and stop...

    Because you've never missed a line of dialogue from a TV show, movie or game? Calm down and stop with the hyperbole. Games are actually more narrative driven than ever; I have no idea what you expect from people playing Dead Rising 3.
  8. Ocedic

    Depends how rich you are.

    Depends how rich you are.
  9. Ocedic

    So many streams...

    So many streams...
  10. Ocedic

    WHERE can you sell your game? What are the requirements?

    Well, there's To the Moon which also looks more like an RM game. Other than that, I think that's about it.
  11. Ocedic

    Archeia's Let's Play/Try Thread

    Aww, can't believe I missed the first two days. Really awesome that you're doing this and I hope to catch your stream tomorrow.
  12. Ocedic

    Has anyone ever made a GDD for their RM games?

    GDDs are a good way to get your thoughts on paper, but people can get caught in a cycle of trying to work on the GDD and make IT perfect rather than spending that effort on the game. Don't get hung up on the GDD, keep it simple and keep it free form. Game development should be a dynamic process...
  13. Ocedic

    Female characters

    Here are some tips for those who struggle with this: Don't focus on what you perceive as 'female-ness' when writing the character. Women are people just like men. They have strengths, weaknesses, desires, turn-offs and goals just like you. The fact that they are female will be a part of who...
  14. Ocedic

    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    I've found a bug in which you can still move around during an NPC's move route. Here are some simple repro steps: - Create an event that is activated on player press which makes This Event take a long-ish move route. For example, you could move Up Right Down Left over and over for a few cycles...
  15. Ocedic

    What would stop you from editing them?

    What would stop you from editing them?
  16. Ocedic

    You mean awesome movie.

    You mean awesome movie.
  17. Ocedic

    I thought it was often cold in England

    I thought it was often cold in England
  18. Ocedic

    Oh man, I'm really tempted to acquire a license now.

    Oh man, I'm really tempted to acquire a license now.
  19. Ocedic

    Enelysion: Vol I+II released.

    Glad to hear it Luchino; I figured as much. Looking back, I really didn't provide enough feedback on gameplay and that seems to be where you wanted some more, so for that I apologize. My one tip with battles would be to err on the side of ease if you aren't sure about balancing when it comes to...
  20. Ocedic

    Go for it man.

    Go for it man.

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