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  1. Nanaki_Fan

    Do the Time Fantasy packs come with battlers?

    Hi all, I am thinking of making a game with the Time Fantasy packs and wondered if they came with battlers that fit the retro style? I saw that the OSM had some battlers for its sprites. If not, any idea where to get some? :D -N-
  2. Nanaki_Fan

    Summonble Second Pet.....Balance a problem?

    Hey everyone, In the game I am working on I have a character who has the ability to call his pet wolf to his side for 6 turns. He is the first character you can get to join your party. I balanced out the summon as follows: - Only lasts 6 turns. - You can not control the Wolf. It is...
  3. Nanaki_Fan

    RMDS+ Expansion: Retro SciFi: does it contain an alien sprite?

    Hello, I am wondering the RMDS+ Expansion: Retro SciFi contains an alien sprite? I recall seeing one from one of the packs and I can not for the life of me remember which one it is. Does anyone who owns this pack know if it does?
  4. Nanaki_Fan

    Larger horse and cart

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was a larger version of the horse and cart sprite for VX ACE. Side note: I know XP has one, can we use XP resources in ACE if its commercial??
  5. Nanaki_Fan

    Alien sprites, UFO's, Plasma/Laser animations

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a few specific-genre resources. I am having an Easter egg in my game where you can find a Space Invaders reference and I thought how cool would it be if it was more than that? As such I am in need of some little green men, a decent ufo and some animations that...
  6. Nanaki_Fan

    Fadein common event issuies

    Hello everyone I am having a problem with an event that does not want to fade the screen back in. The event is called on, lets call it map 2, fades out the screen then transfers the player then is meant to fade back in but it does not fade back in. I am struggling to figure out why this is as...
  7. Nanaki_Fan

    I need someone clean up this sprite for me

    Hello, I am in desperate need for someone to clean up the sprite attached to this post. I resized the spider sprite and changed its color to have a bigger spider enemy but the sprite is all fuzzy and blurry. I need it sharpening and cleaning up please. I have tried using to...
  8. Nanaki_Fan

    Cycle through events using arrow keys (fast travel/waypoint system)

    Hey everyone, So I have a tricky one here. I am working on a "world map - Fast travel system" and I would like it so that I can place events on this map (which are essentially locations) that when activated transport you to their destination. NOW its not as simple as it appears. I want it...
  9. Nanaki_Fan

    Teddy Bear Sprite from tileset

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone to turn the Teddy Bear toys on the VX ACE RTP tileset Inside_C into a 4-direction sprite. On that tile sheet there are 4 different colours (yellow, pink, blue, black). So if possible I would like one of each to match. Does something like this...
  10. Nanaki_Fan

    Making towns seem alive

    Hey everyone, so I am at the stage where I am building a fairly large town. I am in the process of adding in NPC's. Part of this is getting them to wander around, have some dialogue and general chit chat. Maybe a misc quest or two. It got me thinking: How do you make your towns/cities come...
  11. Nanaki_Fan

    When button Pressed - Conflict.

    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble with the Button Pressed function. I have two common events that detect for a button being pressed and then change the character sprite if being pressed. However, if I have both common events running then only the last common event in the list...
  12. Nanaki_Fan

    Basic Fishing mini event game.

    Ok, I am going to try my best to describe what it is i am after so bare with me. I am setting up an event that when used gives you a fish. I know, stay with me. What I want to do next is two fold: - The fish Item you receive must fist detect if you already have said item. It will then...
  13. Nanaki_Fan

    Sideview chests

    Hello everyone! Was just wondering if there were any sprites for side view chests? I can't seem to find any :/ Though I recall seeing some a while back. I am looking for VX ACE only sprites with commercial use.
  14. Nanaki_Fan

    Grid based Inventory system?

    Hello all, I am wondering if there is yet a grid like inventory system for RPG MV yet? I am talking about an inventory system similar to Diablo's and similar titles. Where by you have the initial grid inventory and then a "body" equip system. For example:
  15. Nanaki_Fan

    Book for Faceset

    Hello, I am in need of someone to make me Faceset for a book.....I know it sounds odd! Essentially whenever the player is doing a tutorial or reading a book I would like the text to have a face, like in conversations with characters. The "face" can be either an open or closed book, I am...
  16. Nanaki_Fan

    Busts for RTP VXACE characters

    Hello all, I am looking for busts for the characters that came with ACE. Specifically I am looking for a bust for actor 1-8. I found a few on division heaven but not for that character. I am hoping someone here could help.
  17. Nanaki_Fan

    Help turn Busts into Faces set

    Hello everyone, I have an odd request. I thought I could do it myself but my software doesnt seem to want to give me me the desired result. Basically I have some custom character busts that I paid to have made and well, I am that happy with them I have decided to change my...
  18. Nanaki_Fan

    Looking for Rajawali terms and conditions.

    Hello all, I came across some snakes by Rajawali: Thread here.  But I can't find any terms or conditions for his/her work. I am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  19. Nanaki_Fan

    MV resources in Ace - allowed?

    Hello everyone, I have seen lots of threads about using older RPG stuff in MV but nothing about the other way around. My question is simple: Can I use assets from MV in VXace for commercial use. I am talking about battlers, music and what not. Just to be clear: I am talking about ONLY...
  20. Nanaki_Fan

    copy and paste from one project to another?

    Hello all! So I saw the new animations that you can buy from the RPG maker web store and it said: " Includes Demo Project for easy copy/paste implementation into your project right out of the box. " How does one do this? I thought you could not have more than one project open at a time?

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