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  1. Featherbrain

    (MV Conversion) MUSH Audio Engine - Spatial Audio/Voice Acting/New Channels/etc

    Original Plugin: Now For MV! Introduction With permission and at the request of several others in the original thread, I am publicly releasing my quick-and-dirty MV...
  2. Featherbrain

    Introducing... Featherbrain!

    I've posted here for a year or so--at first only for my own information and requests, but over time I've found myself interacting more, checking in regularly, getting to know some of you and your games, and trying to give back where I can. It's nice having a place to commiserate the trials of...
  3. Featherbrain

    RMMV Keeping Computer Active/Suppressing Screensaver

    I couldn't find anything much about this. Is there a way to communicate to the operating system that the computer is active (and thereby suppressing any screensaver, shut down, or other consequences of inactivity) while the game is running even if the player hasn't touched input in a while (e.g...
  4. Featherbrain

    Best practices for sharing high quality GIFs online?

    (If this is the wrong forum for this, please move it. Thanks!) Lately I've been trying to share animated GIFs or MP4s of my game online. But both Imgur (bad) and Twitter (extremely bad) compress the living heck out of them, turning my proud, crisp pixel art into shamefully blurry...
  5. Featherbrain

    Group Defeat Loot (Yanfly YEP State Categories extension)

    FBE Group Defeat Loot (YEP State Categories extension) v1.01 by FeatherBrain Introduction Extension for Yanfly's YEP State Categories plugin so enemies with the <Group Defeat> category leave loot at the end of battle. Features YEP State Categories contains a <Group Defeat> notetag. If all group...
  6. Featherbrain

    RMMV Remove enemy with certain state from turn order display indicator (Yanfly Charge Turn Battle / CTB)

    I have a "corpse" State that is treated as a death state for most purposes, except that when enemies have this state (as opposed to the actual death state) they remain on the field (no collapse), retaining their row order and still being targetable by attacks. (Think Darkest Dungeon, for those...
  7. Featherbrain

    Larger collision size for larger sprites/smaller tiles

    Looking for a plugin that allows setting larger hitbox sizes (e.g. 2 tiles by 3 tiles instead of default 1x1 tile, etc) especially for the player, but also events and vehicles if possible. The intent is to allow the use of smaller tile sizes (e.g. 12x12 or 24x24) in lieu of pixel movement. The...
  8. Featherbrain

    Skill that targets dead enemy, restores user HP, then "erases" dead enemy?

    Trying to achieve something like the persistent corpses in "Darkest Dungeon" ( where enemies leave a corpse on the battlefield that preserves the original rows/formations until it is destroyed by the player or disappears over time. I also want a PC...
  9. Featherbrain

    Large/long sprites: follower distance too close

    I'm making a project with non-human dinosaur characters and to achieve realistic proportions I would like to use longer and/or larger sprites (e.g. 96 x 48 or 96 x 96) for many of the characters, including the main party. However, the immediate problem I'm running into with larger characters is...

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