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  1. GolfHacker

    “Mark Read” button bug

    In the new forum design, the Mark Read button no longer marks sub-forums as read. I have to click into each sub-forum manually and click the button in each sub-forum. It’s rather annoying that it added so many more clicks. Is there any way to fix the button so it works the way it used to?
  2. GolfHacker

    Suggestions for expansions

    Hi Vexed, I've been looking through all your resources, and it looks perfect for a post apocalyptic themed game. Some things I didn't see that I'd like to suggest as possible future add-ons, as well as a few ideas that your packs inspired me to think of: Tiles for a futuristic lab or mad...
  3. GolfHacker

    Looking for a good RPG for my Wii U

    Hey everybody, I recently picked up Xenoblade Chronicles X for my Wii U for a reasonable $20, and am in the middle of my first play-through. Although I'm not a big fan of action RPGs, I'm enjoying this one. I like the story, and the futuristic setting is a nice change of pace. The graphics are...
  4. GolfHacker

    Standalone Mac version

    Not everyone uses or even likes Steam. I would really prefer a standalone version of MV for Mac. Sure I can run the Windows version on a virtual machine (that's what I do right now for Vx Ace), but it's clunky on my MacBook, and running a virtual machine consumes a lot of resources. That's one...
  5. GolfHacker

    GolfHacker's Goodies

    GolfHacker's Goodies These are mostly RTP edits, with a few original graphics thrown in. Terms of Use Time Fantasy These are conversions of the VX Ace Generator face pieces to the Time Fantasy style. Some notes: The VX Ace RTP provides 4 different skin tones for faces. However, the Time...
  6. GolfHacker

    Experimenting with face sets

    One of the holes in the Time Fantasy graphics set is the lack of face sets / portraits that fit that style. I was inspired by the face bases that @Des abandoned and the samples that @StrawberrySmiles showed in another thread, so I thought I would see what I could do. I'm not a pixel artist, or...
  7. GolfHacker

    Status updates?

    I can't find a place in the new forum design to type in status updates. If I click the "What's on your mind?" text box on the main/home page (on the right), it just takes me to my profile (activity tab). But there's no place there to type in a status update. I've looked all over that page and...
  8. GolfHacker

    Need a script call to invoke the enemy scan in Venka's Bestiary Logbook

    I'd like to use Venka's wonderful Bestiary Logbook script for my game. Here's the link: I'm also using Yami's Battle Symphony, and I'm running into a slight issue with the two. (Don't worry, I'm not asking for a compatibility fix here) The problem is that when I invoke a skill or item to...
  9. GolfHacker

    Is there a way to get the light intensity at a given tile location?

    Is there any way to get the light intensity at a particular tile location? That would be really useful for implementing a rogue-like stealth capability and/or a hide-in-shadows skill.
  10. GolfHacker

    How to get item id for lantern item?

    So I've implemented several different items to serve as light sources: candle, torch, and lantern. Each has a different light radius. Pressing the lantern on/off key specified in the script, I can cycle between all 3 if I have one of each in my inventory. I'm trying to implement a common event...
  11. GolfHacker

    Problem when walking behind higher elevation "floors"

    Hi Khas, I'm encountering a problem when my player walks behind higher elevation "floors". Given the viewing angle of the RPG Maker perspective, it bugs me that I can't walk closer to the back side of a wall in many RPG Maker games. So in my game, I've given the "ceiling" tiles a star...
  12. GolfHacker

    Problem with characters taller than 1 tile

    Hi Khas, I'm using Mack-size sprites in my game, and I'm running into a problem when the character is near the edge of a ledge on a higher elevation. Here's my map, for reference: Here's my character in-game, standing in region 2 one tile before the edge (so far so good): But if I take...
  13. GolfHacker

    RPG Maker MV won't install on my iMac

    So I downloaded RPG Maker MV (had pre-ordered it from the site, not steam) from the link in last night's e-mail, and opened the zip file. There's a setup.exe and a setup-1.bin file in there. I extracted the setup-1.bin file, and double-clicked it... it pulled up a Archiving progress window, and...
  14. GolfHacker

    Need to split an enemy in two when using a physical attack

    So I'm looking through my old D&D monster manual, and I found an entry for a Black Pudding, which says: "They can be killed only by fire; other attacks (weapons or spells) only break them up into smaller puddings." I'm trying to figure out how I could implement that. I'm using Yami's Battle...
  15. GolfHacker

    Overriding a method in Game_BattlerBase isn't working for me

    I'm working with Yami's Battle Symphony and Yanfly's Battle Engine Ace, and I ran into a small problem. Before you groan and skip this message because you think it's too involved: 1) My question really doesn't have a lot to do with Yami's or Yanfly's scripts, it's more of a general scripting...
  16. GolfHacker

    Changing system sounds mid-game

    Is there a way to change sound effects from the database's system tab during the game? For example, the system tab lets you specify sounds for enemy damage and enemy collapse. I would like to change these so I can have a different sound for specific enemies when they are hit or die. I looked at...
  17. GolfHacker

    Is there a way to have NPCs use interior doors?

    My dungeon maps will be fairly large, with multiple rooms and corridors, and I'd like to add some doors. I found a thread that talks about how to set up a door event so the player can open it from either side. So far so good. What about wandering enemies/NPCs? Is there a way to have them open a...
  18. GolfHacker

    Is there a script call to get the # of enemies remaining in battle?

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager in Vx Ace, and I've got bows working so every time you shoot a bow it subtracts one arrow from the party's inventory. I've also got it set so you can't shoot a bow if you're out of arrows. So far, so good. Now I'm setting up my special archer skills. One of...
  19. GolfHacker

    Arabian Nights Music Bonus link is broken

    Not sure if this is the right forum to report this, but I purchased the Arabian Nights pack from the forum store today, but the link for the music bonus file doesn't work.
  20. GolfHacker

    Need resized version of VX Ace treasure chest

    I love the 2 treasure chests on the bottom left row of the !Chest.png sprite sheet in Vx Ace (the wooden one with the metal frame, and the iron chest). The problem is these chests are very large, which I think is great for a treasure chest containing epic stuff. But I'd like a smaller version...

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