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  1. literarygoth

    Boss Mechanic

    G'day folks! As the title suggests, I'm working on a boss mechanic, and I could use some assistance. I'm not certain if what I want to do can be done, as per limitations of the engine. I'm no stranger to complex events. Is there a way, perhaps through a script call(?), to recognize whenever...
  2. literarygoth

    Conflict b/w Yanfly Target Info and Kread-Ex Chain Battle

    Now, the game loads up fine, combat functions fine, even the scan ability/function created by Yanfly's enemy target info operates properly. The error pops when battle ends, when no chain battle initiates. This is the error that pops up: line 761: NoMethodError undefined method 'active' for...
  3. literarygoth

    YEA Input Combos & Area of Effect script errors

    hello there folks! I'm get a no method error with Yanflys Input Combo Skills script. I know exactly what's causing it, but as my code knowledge is limited I'm at a loss to know how to fix it. I have a temporary work around, but it's not ideal, and the error will still pop under the right...
  4. literarygoth

    RMVXA CoTD: Dacian DEMO AVAILABLE v1.3!!

    **UPDATE** We recommend giving the demo at least a couple playthroughs as it's a combat mechanics demo, and prototype teaser for the full game. CoTD: Dacian is a commercial series, slated for episodic release, beginning with the first installment, Dacian. Under newly re-branded Jaded Phoenix...
  5. literarygoth

    Annnnnnd I'm back!

    *waves* Hello again forum peeps ^-^ I up and poofed a couple years back when my old artist went MIA :( Good news is, I never stopped working on my original project (here) - although big changes will be coming in the next couple weeks, including an engine hop from VX to VX Ace. To those new...
  6. literarygoth

    Custom Formula Assist pls

    *waves* Alrighty. So, I've scoured the 'net to try to find a solution myself. I've tried several things to no avail. It's very likely that I'm simply being a derp. But, never hurts to ask. I'm trying to make a custom formula to increase damage based on how much tp a character has gained in...
  7. literarygoth

    Delayed Hello (again!)

    Hiya peeps! :rock-right: I haven't haunted the forums regularly in a really long time now. This is largely due to my hectic schedule between work and school. Last September I decided to enter a 4 year Doctorate program for TCM, and alas, my studies have taken me away from the forums and...
  8. literarygoth

    Crafting systems

    Hello folks! I just wanted to start a conversation on crafting systems. Of all kinds. Do you love 'em? Do you hate 'em? What makes a good crafting system? What breaks it? What would you like to see done that hasn't been done yet, or not implemented in the way you'd like to see? Personally...
  9. literarygoth

    Back in the designers chair!

    Hello folks! It's been a while, and I sorta vanished from the forums a while back. Glories of owning my own practice, takes all my time :( Just wanted to officially say hello again!
  10. literarygoth

    Dacian (Alpha demo update 2 available.)

            Story: TLDR?: Dacian was adopted by a couple that live in Mori. People became wary of him as he started to display...odd abilities. He must learn to control these abilities in order to properly wield his magical skills in combat. Setting: Village of Mori located in the world of...

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