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  1. Changing parameters shown on Yanfly Equip Core

    Yeah, it's still there. EDIT: Wait, I'm dumb. It's fixed now. Thanks, Wanyee!
  2. Changing parameters shown on Yanfly Equip Core

    That worked, but now there is a space before the Stamina listing. Is there a way to fix this as well? Sorry >_<
  3. Changing parameters shown on Yanfly Equip Core

    Mr. Trivel's Different HP/MP/TP Names and Colors
  4. Changing parameters shown on Yanfly Equip Core

    Hey guys! Got a question about the Yanfly Equip Core. So, each of my characters has a different name for their Mana resource. However, in the Yanfly Equip Core, they are both still listed as the default MP. Is there any way to make the Equip Core change the text of the mana resource in the...
  5. Increase state duration with a skill

    Well, you could re-apply the state, I'd imagine... Other than that, I'm not sure. I'm sure there'd be a plug-in somewhere that can do that, though.
  6. Distance between heroes in battle

    Well, this may not help you with your actors side, but I know you can adjust the bad guys' places from the Troop section. Also, you stole my name! >:( JK- I think it's cool. Hiya, Feli!
  7. AAS (Auto Attack Syndrome)

    @Dr. Delibird That's actually a really cool way of doing that! The way my game does it, is each character has a different basic attack depending on certain conditions. I.e., if they're effected by Thaw (an effect that raises Agility at the cost of Defens), their basic attack changes to one...
  8. AAS (Auto Attack Syndrome)

    @MysticMagicMan That's the way I'm doing my game, too! I mean, I do have "basic attacks" but they're really not much compared to the others.
  9. AAS (Auto Attack Syndrome)

    @ksjp17 Okay, sorry!
  10. Popping POTIONS like M&M's

    Yeah, that does seem better. Still, in the grand scheme of things, a tank should be taking damage more often than a glass cannon.
  11. Popping POTIONS like M&M's

    What plugin is that you're using that lets you put the state to be added on the user in the notebox? So far I've been having to do the whole "a.addState9x)" thing... Anyway, honestly, I don't have any items in my game (i.e., no potions). I've just never liked using them, and the way I see it...
  12. AAS (Auto Attack Syndrome)

    You, sir, are awesome XD My game goes the opposite way, though. The skills all have cooldowns, so the player has to decide to forgo the bonuses given by accruing resources gained from the spells, or use regular attacks while waiting for the skills that bolster that resource are on cooldown. haha
  13. AAS (Auto Attack Syndrome)

    Honestly, I can't stand auto-battles in games, but that's mostly because I just don't like the way they dummy down the combat to fit in such a system, as per your first reason.
  14. Aww... <3

    Aww... <3
  15. Gear power progression

    Yanfly released a Tips and Tricks video last year about something like this. It requires his Equip Core ( <custom parameters> atk = user.paramBase(2) * 0.10 + user.level </custom parameter> This would increase the weapon's attack by 10%...

    In your system, you'll have to spread "Magic" out more, like to "Fire Magic" and "Ice Magic", and then spread the skills out to their respective type, i.e., Blizzard is Ice Magic while Fireball is Fire Magic.
  17. Features Feedback

    Thank you, Waterguy :)
  18. Features Feedback

    I had forgotten about Bravely Default, haha XD That's not what I was asking, though. My friend seems to think it would be better to make the alternate classes be gear locked, while only the two "base classes" are able to access changing gear. I say this doesn't make sense. I also say that...
  19. Features Feedback

    lol- I never really thought of it as a class system, since the only other games I've played with class systems like this have had restrictions on where or when you can do so (a la, Jack of Alltrades in Dragon Quest XI). Basically, the way it was recommended to me was to have the other...
  20. Features Feedback

    Hey guys, I have a question on how I should make a feature of my game. Admittedly, it's kind of a central feature... >_> Anyway, in my game, there are only two protagonists. One is a melee fighter, while the other is more of a ranger (though she can switch to using Daggers). Each...

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