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  1. Serious problem of Yanfly's Instant Cast

    If actor A has a buff or state of 4 turns, and he uses a skill with the notetag "Instant Cast", the buff or state will reduce one turn to 3. And then he uses another skill without the notetag "Instant Cast", the buff or state will reduce one turn again to 2. Therefore, if you use skill with...
  2. Custom Skill Cost of Yanfly Skill Core

    The Skill Core Plugin of Yanfly: I want to make the HP Cost of a skill equals to the user's atk. I typed in the Notetag below: <Custom HP Cost> cost = user.atk; </Custom HP Cost> But the user didn't cost his HP at all, while the damage of the skill...

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I just lost an hour plus of time to trying to modify the _battlefield sprite... when in reality MZ calls it _battleField ;_;

Even when debugging for the "undefined value", it looked exactly the same to my 20/60 eyesight.

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