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  1. Designing Skills which cost HP

    Is there a way to design Skills which cost HP without having to use Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager script?
  2. RPG Maker - Creating a State that spreads if attacked by physical attack

    As the title suggests, I'm attempting to create a State that spreads if attacked by physical attack. This State is called Static Shock and whenever an opponent hits an enemy (or vise versa) who is affected by Static Shock with a physical hit, they too obtain the status effect. Which traits would...
  3. Help creating Skill: Wall of Fire (using YEP_BuffsStatesCore)

    I am creating a skill with use from the YEP_BuffsStatesCore plugin, but struggling to add the proper Notetags and Effects. Description: Wall of Fire is a magic spell used by the Magician class. It erects a round curtain of fire around the caster during turn one, and thrown as a burning wave on...
  4. Creating a lifesteal skill in RPG Maker MV

    I'm attempting to create a lifesteal skill and placing it on a dagger weapon. However, the dagger is not applying the lifesteal at all after attacking with a Normal Attack. This is the formula I'm using thus far: c = a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2; a.gainHp(Math.round(c * 0.08)) This is where I received...
  5. Tutorial 10: Character freezes when moving Rock

    Despite following the tutorial, my character froze while attempting to push a rock. I made a mistake somewhere in the contents, but I'm not sure where (and most importantly, why the mistake took place). I have attached a picture to this post showing the Rock's contents. Any help would be...
  6. RPG MV issue: cannot place a single cave on Field Map; instead fills the entire Field Map with caves

    I have this issue where I place a cave on the Field Map and it covers every tile available. Switched over to towns, and the issue persists. What can I do to resolve this issue? Please see picture attached. Thank you.

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