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  1. Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)

    Please, we need a MZ port of this wonderful plugin! :)
  2. Set message line height -ingame-

    Hello, i have a problem changing the line height for messages during gameplay. I'm sure someone can help me here. By the way, I use the yanfly core plugin to adjust the line height generally. I'm using two different font sizes in the game. One of them for some kind of speech bubble. For...
  3. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    Yeah i've tried this before, but it failed. It was as expected a user error XD. I have two identical MAPS for 1 player only and 2 players only. Unfortunately, the transfer to MAP was set wrong. I'm wondering all the time why Player 2 is treated like a follower.^^ Thanks for your answer by the...
  4. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    Quick question OcRam. Is there a way to transfer only one Player on the same MAP with X and Y coordinates? I think there already is (page1 this.setPosition...) but i do not get it. I've also tried YEP MoveRouteCore teleport command for move route.
  5. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    Thanks for the quick cleanup. Opacity works. I'm sorry to report that, but with (v2.12.) I cannot move my second player with keyboard2. The joining works still. Using [wasd...] Strange...
  6. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    I cannot believe that I have overlooked something so obvious again. XD Thank you again! But there seems to be a bug with the opacity. Other move routes commands work well. I've tried to set follower 1 opacity to "0". Plugin: apply_to_follower 1 Set_Move_Route: opacity (0) I 've improvised and...
  7. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    Wow, this is a great! Specially followers follow. How to do this with move routes? I don't get. Plugin command on top of move route (Target player?)
  8. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    Uff, I missed the variable in turn. Thanks for the quick reply!

    Any chance to reupload this great plugin? I used it before, but i have no backup. :(
  10. OcRam - Local Coop plugin (for MV)

    I can only agree. Wonderful plugin. I use it for some kind of bomberman clone. Any chance to detect P2 pick up an item (Event on map) instead of Player (P1)? Both players have own equip (Variable control on map) I use max 2 players only, so any idea for eventing a condition(if not player)...
  11. Map Generator

    Hi, first of all thanks for this wonderful script, Sanshiro! :) Can someone explain how to stop the random teleport by pressing the spacebar? Unfortunately i don't understand the floor counter at all. How can i set the number of random maps? After 3 random maps i cannot go deeper to...
  12. help with two different event trigger

    Okay i see. Thanks for your advice and the information! It should look something like this? 1.) Parallel prozess on map checking if player is moving (with button input processing?) 2.) Define player map coordinates as variable (x/y) 3.) Define opponent map coordinates as variable (x/y) 4.)...
  13. help with two different event trigger

    Hello community, i have a problem with events, which occupied me for a longer time. I'm afraid I cannot solve it without help. I'm already thinking about giving up this project, even though i have already overcome all other technical obstacles. I think, you are my last hope. :) I have...

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