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  1.!/content/25657 this could be the reason, but I'm just...!/content/25657 this could be the reason, but I'm just speculating
  2. VX to Ace Project Conversion Program

    I guess this never came to be or did I miss another thread? I was just trying this on an old project, but it doesn't work. It opens a CMD window and then closes itself. Running it into cmd tells me that it is searching for some file (registry.rb) inside myuser\appdata I actually have that file...
  3. FyxInput

    Oh all right, that's out of my league. What about the fullscreen++ problems?
  4. RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    try to switch (1) with (0) and let's see if it still happens. Then, please check that the "Category" section in the editor was filled with some data. It's in the first window. If there is still the error, the command you used might be too limited and I'd try to add a couple ones from the tutorial
  5. How to use the High-Resolution .DLL

    Check a few posts behind.
  6. RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    Hm. And did you set up a Quest 1? Did you properly place the extract the quest file into Data? Remember that the first ID, for example, is 0, not 1. Does the error appear when you trigger the player touch, or when you launch the game?
  7. Text Cache

    I did not make it in time for the contest anyway despite an all nighter, unfortunately. But I'm very thankful for your help. Hilariously, I never had more crashes, but I'll still keep it.
  8. RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    It's impossible to help you without a screenshot of the event you set up...
  9. How to use the High-Resolution .DLL

    Please refer to this post: "Higher Definition AND Resolution is...
  10. welcome to the club :/

    welcome to the club :/
  11. can't wait!

    can't wait!
  12. RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    In the editor, click on Help -> How to use. It's pretty great Just follow it and you can recreate an example.
  13. FyxInput

    I'm using this script along with Fullscreen++ with no problems. Could you elaborate? I'm also not sure what keys have you disabled from the mouse script, do you mean the various alt+enter, F12 etc? If so, how?
  14. Text Cache

    Thanks a lot for the long and well-thought long response! It is # Text Cache v 1.03 however I just tried pasting it again from this OP post and you're right, the line number now appears different. Weird. I'm not sure what was different, I never touched it. The "Word" script is  ** Word...
  15. Text Cache

    Not sure if I should've opened a new thread or here it's fine. Anyway, I'm having problems with this script that might force me to remove it before my submission unless I understand what's the problem in such short time. :( Basically... the game randomly crashes. It happened once today, once...
  16. RPG Maker MV?

    gotta be honest with you here: it would be bad business for Enterbrain if they released the high-res DLL now. So yeah, I wouldn't expect it. If they released it, many people could be fine with VX Ace and not upgrade. Instead, the new resolution is one of the new "features" that will be available...
  17. FyxInput

    Don't know if it's just me or I missed something, but with this script, Conditional branches which use Button press don't work anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it because of this part: # There are several new ways to check input, and here they are:              #...
  18. Super-novice questions about switches

    Thanks everyone. The examples also allowed me to understand the context\reasoning to use one or the other better, too.
  19. Super-novice questions about switches

    Thanks, actually erase event was the other one (sorry), but I was also interested in that one so I'm taking notes. So if I return it will run again, gotcha. So, self switches are the only way to truly "stop" them. The other one was "Exit event processing", I just looked it up with F1, sorry...
  20. Super-novice questions about switches

    So, I have these kinda stupid questions that I can't really get off my head. In general, you'd want to use local switches to "stop" an event - that's what I learned, at least. However, I have noticed that if, for example, if I set a local switch A command on the first page, and then I put a...

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