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  1. henrypan321

    RMVXA Pestilence Stirs

    DOWNLOAD: Download at (59mb) Info: Play as a doctor sent to cure the plague in a 14th century medieval setting. This is a short (~30 minute) game, originally made for the "RPG Maker Jam 3" game jam with the theme "Contagious". Story: A terrible plague has swept the Kingdom of Rairus...
  2. henrypan321

    RMVXA Gate of Providence (Quest-Focused RPG with Interconnected World)

    DOWNLOAD Download at (266mb) TRAILER WORD FROM THE DEV This game contains original music and artwork (for the most part, many of the tilesets and icons are from the community). The game is around 15 hours long if you complete every quest, which is recommended for the full experience...

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i just started uploading some of my selfmade Pixel Art on DA,
visit me there if you are interrested^^
Im sorry but..I Want to play a game.
Anyone here is familiar with the US Law ? I'm working on a game idea at the moment and I have several questions on my mind :p
I just lost an hour plus of time to trying to modify the _battlefield sprite... when in reality MZ calls it _battleField ;_;

Even when debugging for the "undefined value", it looked exactly the same to my 20/60 eyesight.

I really prefer this_naming_convention rather than thisNamingConvention !!

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