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  1. CainReval

    Side View Battler Stuck in "Guard" when idle

    To help get my game off the ground I used an old demo received by Yanfly (to test his new plugins) so to have access to bunches of skills and the like. However, the character in the first slot of my game is now stuck in "Perma Guard" when he is in battle. It only affects things visually, but its...
  2. CainReval

    Idle Animation Issues

    So I had been using RPG maker for some time now, and Ive been having some issues with my main character (The one in first slot) having a different idle animation than the rest of my characters. This was managable to a degree when using Chibi sprites because the animation it used was close to the...
  3. CainReval

    Actor Transformations help

    So ive been using Yanflys tips and trick videos to make some pretty cool effects for some of my characters. Up until now, all my effects have been changing characters to those of similar size. Recently with Aekashics updating their monster log, I wanted to use a slightly modified Tiamat as a...
  4. CainReval

    Issues with MOG HUNTERs Skill Menu

    Ive been trying to use Moghunters skill menu for some time now and every time i try to open it, i get this message. Im not quite sure what I need to do, Ive opened the console, but I dont understand what its asking of me Please help
  5. CainReval

    Issues when using Moghunters Main Menus

    Ive been working on using Moghunters main menu set up for my game, Ive change a few images to help make it a little more original, but every time I try to open the menu I get this... Ive updated my game to the newest version before I jumped into using this plugin, but I cant help but get...

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