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  1. Steam vs

    Which one better for rpg maker games? And does anyone have tried Epic Game Store?
  2. Realistic Budgets

    I just want to let you know about steamspy numbers.
  3. Realistic Budgets

    He only sold it on steam, no humble bundle. Btw how steamspy know 1400 copies are pirated version?
  4. Realistic Budgets

    Well not all rpg maker games can be succesful. And how steamspy can track cracked copies? They play cracked game without opening steam right? (im not a pirate so its my guess). Even if steamspy can tracked illegal copies, it doesnt matter because developer doesnt get the money .Steam give you...
  5. Realistic Budgets

    No, he doesnt give out many free keys, and the game is just 1 month old. He said, dont believe steamspy, it isnt accurate
  6. Realistic Budgets

    Btw steamspy isnt accurate. Some of my friend published game on steam, steamspy said it havs 1500 owners, buy its actually only below than 100 sales
  7. Realistic Budgets

    Hmm do you all even get "break even" moment when you spent $10k-$15k for a rpg make rgame? Im curious
  8. Eternal Twilight

    You know if you have poison and blind for ex, the poison and blind icon above the char keep changing.
  9. Eternal Twilight

    Hey this is a very awesome game! Can I ask you about buff display? I love how it keep changing if you have multiple buff, how do you do it?
  10. how to change buff and debuff position

    So I have changed the resolution for my game to 1280x720. Now I want to change the buff location to the left (closer to the actor name). how to change it?
  11. Vehicle event cant move on water

    Thanks!! I make the vehicle event to through and it worked
  12. Bored to finish the game development

    Hmm prob too many things to do
  13. Bored to finish the game development

    What's your trick? I have done maybe 30% contents and kinda bored to finish it lol. I need some motivation
  14. Vehicle event cant move on water

    So i made an event that have boat picture, i set a movement route on water but it cant move. How to make it moving?
  15. Game over bug?

    fixed the problem
  16. Game over bug?

    I'm not sure which plugins that usually cause this? i have check some battle plugins and havnt found it
  17. Game over bug?

    No, After battle, its just conversation event
  18. Game over bug?

    So i have a battle event, the leader is dead but my other members are still alive. After that i won the battle. The event after battle is running and 5 seconds later, suddenly i got game over pop up. This is only happening when my leader died.
  19. This software needs "redo"feature.

    I just make a big event. and then, I want to cut the event to another place, wanted to press ctrl+x but pressed ctrl+z instead. The event just gone. Is there any way to redo?
  20. Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Just made a tree house village. What do you guys think? Any feedback?

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