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  1. Acydcross

    [help]Item sorting

    Hi! I've been looking around for a solution to my item sorting problem, but couldn't find any. As I update my game, I continue adding new items. I'm at the midpoint of my project and let's just say the items are a mess, an eyesore. Is there some kind of plugin that would make the latest item...
  2. Acydcross

    [help]Skill that gets stronger from an amount of buffs the actor has

    Hello! I need help of making 2 skills: - Skill 1: gets stronger when the user has 2 or more buffs. - Skill 2: gets stronger when the target has 2 or more buffs. I know I need to use variables on my buffs, but I just could not figure how to make it work.. Thanks for your time!
  3. Acydcross

    [help] how to check skill's ID in Game_Action.prototype.itemCri method?

    Hi! I'm trying to make a skill that crit for 75% chance. @Wavelength is helping me and he's unsure what's the correct line would be to check a skill's ID in the Game_Action.prototype.itemCri method.
  4. Acydcross

    [help] Skill: 75% chance crit & a debuff that receive x2 damage

    Hello! I'm want to make a skill that have 75% chance of doing a crit damage. Another skill that debuff the enemy to receive x2 damage and remove the debuff after receiving any damage. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Acydcross

    [help] Cutscene: NPC appear same spot then make it move

    Hi! First of, I know this is a noob question. I hate posting and asking simple questions. I already ask the discord, but nobody answered. I already googled it so many times, but no luck. So, sorry in advance. I want to make some characters/actors to appear at the same spot/tile and not get...
  6. Acydcross

    [help] Yanfly's Equip Battle Skills - Unlocking Skills

    Hello again, game devs! I'm thinking of copying the idea of Grandia's Mana Egg system. But, instead of equipping the Mana Eggs, I'll use Yanfly's EBS plugin and equip skills. I want my actors to unlock certain skill by equipping couple to several skills. Is this possible? Any help will be...
  7. Acydcross

    [help] skill effects changes with skill type

    Hi! In my project, actors get most of the skills from gears. And it has 2 skill types, light and dark. I want to make some skills that depend on the skill type of the actor, the effect of the skill changes. Is this possible? For example: [Actor 1] with light type skill equipped a robe with...
  8. Acydcross

    YEP EventChasePlayer - Make the map encounter blind

    Hi! I'm using Yanfly's EventChasePlayer for my mob/enemy map encounter. I put the custom movement route scrip: this._chaseRange = 7 for the event to chase the player when it sees the player. My question is: How can I make a skill that will make the event(mob) stop seeing the player or the...
  9. Acydcross

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer for 'On Map Encounters'

    I'm using a Yanfly's EventChasePlayer and took the tips and tricks 'On Map Encounters'. I want the EventChasePlayer to make a random encounter, but remove the random encounter while walking. Can anyone help me do this?
  10. Acydcross

    (help) Skill that learns/unlocks random skill then forget after combat

    Hi! I've been trying to make a skill that learns random skill from a skill pool. Then I want the actor to forget any of the skills learned after battle. Example: - Actor uses Skill1 - Skill1 unlocks Skill2 - Actor uses Skill1 again - Skill1 unlocks Skill3 - Actor uses Skill1 again - Skill1...
  11. Acydcross

    FF7 entrance/exit indicator

    Hello everyone! I've been looking for a plugin or an event transfer with an entrance/exit indicator similar to FF7, but no luck. Can someone guide me how to do it? Thanks in advance!
  12. Acydcross

    Animation of multiple normal attack

    Hello! I have a class that has 'Attack Times +1' trait. It works ok, but the animation of the second attack is wrong. Instead of doing the same regular animation for normal attack, it looks toward the party and then attack. I want it to look like it's just doing a normal attack, but twice. I...

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