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  1. Accendor

    Fantasy tilesets like the Pop! series for MV

    Hi, I love the art style of the pop! series and would love to use something like it in a side project. Unfortunately the original series is not suitable for that as it is a modern theme. The closest I found was the Time Fantasy series and that is not exactly hitting the mark. Does one or...
  2. Accendor

    Managing multiple story lines

    For my current project I have multiple storylines which resolve parallel and each influence each other (so e.g. the player needs to finish story line A before he can continue storyline B where he finds information that he can use in storyline B and then continue storyline C again etc.) This...
  3. Accendor

    Why is there are border around the picture in my signature?

    Hi, can someone explain this to me? The original picture has no border and I have no option to disable it. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Accendor

    Minor issue: Update Tagging guide in commercial section

    I think this should be "updated" for MV. Just a small thing but I caught my attention.
  5. Accendor

    Skip the Fight / Escape menu at the start of each rund while battles

    Hi, I want to remove the menu that asks if you want to fight an enemy or if you want to flee. I know that you can do it with Yanfly Battle Core but that plugin is just "too much". Most of that stuff included in there is not needed by me and has compatbility issues with other addons that I am...
  6. Accendor

    Real Wait function (seconds)

    Perhaps I just could not see it, so I am asking to be sure: Do we finally have a real wait function that uses seconds/milliseconds instead of frames or would I need a script for this?
  7. Accendor

    Deactivate mouse

    How can I deactivate the possibility to use the mouse?
  8. Accendor

    Character sprite size in relation to tile size

    Hi guys, I have a lot of tiles in 32x32 that I successfully scaled up to 48x48. So I can go with this now. However, I always used mack style sprites (e.g. this) which were 32x48 or XP RTP styles which were 32x64. So if I want to use a mack sprite that was 32x48 on 32x32 tiles I would have to...
  9. Accendor

    Which plugin for fullscreen?

    Which plugin from the included ones do I need for fullscreen? I have found Yanfly Engine Plugins - Screen Resolution to change the resolution but that is not the same as full screen of course.
  10. Accendor

    Download something from the forum store

    Hi, perhaps someone here can help me and I am just overlooking something really simple: Last week I bought a few graphic ressources in the FORUM shop (not the shop on the main site). After the purchase there was a message "Remember: You can always download your purchases from the download...
  11. Accendor

    Change language to english

    Hi guys, I preordered MV on Steam and installed it just now. After installation I realized that the program was in german. My steam is in english and every other program or tool I ever downloaded also was in english. I have no use for the german MV version of course. So my question is: How can...
  12. Accendor

    [Massive Spoilers] Life is Strange and Meaningful Choices

    As I said in the title: Do not read any further if you do not want to be spoilered. You have been warned. So, we had this discussion about dicisions in games here and I wrote somewhere that Life is Strange might be a good example of meaningful choices. To that time the final episode was not...
  13. Accendor

    Finding Voice Actors

    For my current project I'm thinking about hiring voice actors for the main characters and story relevant dialogue. Of course this is not cheap at all and since I don't need to rush anything I would like to know if you have some experience in this field. Have you ever worked with voice actors...
  14. Accendor

    Mapping / Convert "Always sometimes monsters" environments to VM

    I hope I am in the right part of the forum for this: So, I bought this tilesets for the VXA: They are awesome and are EXACTLY what I need for my game. I also use large spirits (XP ones rather than VXA ones) and this simply fits perfectly...

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